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October 25, 2015

One More Day

One More Day!

It is fitting that I write this Innisfree Moment today from the place that has been my home for over 24 years, on the last day that I will sleep under its roof. Idly musing while drinking my morning tea I calculated I had lived here for 8,820 days. Tomorrow I move in temporarily with my sister, joining my contently vacationing cat, Cadi.

Does it feel like an ending? No! Rather, a new beginning, seamlessly flowing from all of my 'yesterdays'. While my next more permanent residence has not presented itself, despite constant exploration, I know it is patiently waiting for my discovery. I was asked this week why I wasn't anxious about the uncertainty of the unknown. Perhaps due to the rock solid faith that selling my home is the right decision, this is the right time, and so detaching from the outcome.

Before flying into the flurry of today's last-minute urgency I randomly opened a Science of Mind Magazine and was reminded of Deepak Chopra's sixth spiritual law of detachment, that in order to acquire anything in the physical we have to relinquish our attachment to it. Chopra's Seven Spiritual Laws of Success remains among my favourite re-reads.

For most of my life I have had a love of words and their meanings. My recent discovery is: 'googolplex', meaning the highest number you can think of - and then keep adding some more! (Source: The Friendship Book 2015, October 15). During the Thanksgiving weekend I was in Vernon, attending my ministry's Harvest Gathering. Sitting on the platform were three wooden blocks: Count Your Blessings. My lifetime blessings are rich beyond measure.

Until we next come together, from my heart to yours, thank you for the rich blessings you have brought to my life with your energy, your love, your encouragement, and for continuing to journey with me. While I positively anticipate my new beginning with appreciation for all its 'endings', please join me in treasuring your memories and experiences, knowing that, like mine, they were, and will continue to be made up of each precious moment.

Until next time... Namasté

Dorothy B.
Dorothy B.

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