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September 2022

Beginning Anew

Beginning Anew

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Welcome to September, a month where I feel I am beginning anew - and know many of you have similar thoughts. Colourful leaves start to fall from the trees, dusk comes earlier, and school classes begin again. Change is in the air!

The most significant change that has impacted the world is the recent death of Queen Elizabeth II. She was the epitome of stability, leadership and grace. Amidst tears and sadness my intended priorities dipped in importance as I watched television coverage, nostalgically recalling my younger self when King George VI died in 1952 and of viewing the Coronation in June 1953 on the newly invented television with its tiny black-and-white screen. Then on September 19, watching the funeral coverage and learning fascinating background details discussed by those reporting live from London for the CBC. Yet, mixed with the sadness was huge appreciation for the privilege of the historical times I have lived through in a rapidly changing world that brought about vast technological changes, for which I am very grateful ... for my computer instead of a manual typewriter, flicking an electrical switch instead of reading by oil lamp, and the distant memory of riding into the near-by town with my grandparents in a pony and trap. What nostalgic personal memories do you honour?

But let's move now to my intentions for July and August. True to form, they took longer to put in place than anticipated, so that this month's newsletter is barely 'slipping in' as September gives way to October. Primary focus was the addition of an audio component to my 2018 book of short stories, By the Fireside with Dorothy ... Into the Mystic. The recording was completed and is on Innisfree's website / Books by Dorothy. Each chapter stands alone in its entirety, following the order of the book, with minor edits where appropriate due to the passage of time. The written version remains available on Amazon. Other minor website changes are planned to streamline its content by editing or removing segments that have become redundant.

I could not have made these adjustments without the supportive hand-holding of two technically gifted people who have journeyed with me these many years. With heartfelt thanks I acknowledge Larry Moss ( for his time-consuming navigation of the necessary details for the audio insertion, the edits and a hosting company transfer for Innisfree's website. And, Eve Lees (, gifted graphic artist, who updated my book-mark and produced a business card requiring artistic skill beyond measure to recreate the classic design I used many years ago.

Then, with my part of the audio recording completed it was time to focus on preparing September's newsletter. Many ideas had been captured during the interim, but no longer seemed appropriate. So in desperation this week, before falling asleep I affirmed that I would have an idea when I awoke. Sure enough, next morning, the Universe in its generosity provided two ideas that I have linked together. First, listening to my CBC radio program and hearing a reference to Jim Davis, author of the Garfield comic strip, brought to mind a much-yellowed cartoon strip pasted into my first (of now five) binders containing meaningful facts and quotes. Second, an article in my local newspaper mentioned autograph books, popular so many years back, where friends would sign their names and add a Valentine verse or some wise words.

The Garfield insertion was from a 1982 Victoria, BC newspaper where Garfield chases the terrified little dog, Odie, up a tree. Their puzzled owner, Jon, looks up and says: Odie, dogs can't climb trees! We then see the mischievous Garfield thinking: It's amazing what one can accomplish when one doesn't know what one can't do! I have applied that reminder from over 40 years ago many many times when faced with something challenging ... and more recently, when questioning the wisdom of completing the audio recording.

Those treasured autograph books with their personal signatures are long gone, replaced now with my five, and increasing, binders. What served you well when challenged, that you would record in another's autograph book, or equivalent, as inspiration for their journey? King Charles III in his first message the morning after The Queen's death, said of her that it was a life well lived, and ended with Thank You. Surely, acknowledgments we each would want to have said about us!

Until we meet next time, thank you for joining me. I wish you rich blessings and share today's wisdom from my Louise Hay calendar: The leaves turn and the days shorten, and I marvel at the beauty that surrounds me.

Blessèd be to you ... Namasté!

A Fireside Insight: Listen to the young and the older, for each can be your teacher.
By the Fireside with Dorothy ... Into the Mystic, Ch 13, P52.

Dorothy B.
Dorothy B.

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