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June 2022

What's On First?

What's On First?

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It's a new day and you are looking at the lengthy list of intentions you diligently wrote out the previous evening. What's on first? Will you start with that, even if it's the most challenging, or, will you by-pass to the smaller ones, just to get them completed and out of the way? Some years ago - quite a few years ago, actually, I attended a workshop where the principle of "Rock - Pebbles - Sand" was vividly demonstrated. If the sand is first to go in a jar, then the pebbles, there is seldom room for the rocks; whereas by starting with the rocks, the pebbles and sand slip naturally into the spaces. The moral of the story is that by first tackling the most important project on our list, even when it's the most challenging, the smaller ones will magically seem effortless. Can you relate? I certainly can ... and have often added something new, just for the satisfaction of ticking it off.

Alternately, have you also had the experience of a so-called important project that just would not come together? One of mine this year had an intended January commencement; I would sit at my table, go to the library or the food court, draft and redraft the outline ... as February flowed into March, and into April. Frustrated, I asked a wise friend to visit so I could share my thoughts and 'think aloud'. The answer then became clear ... I didn't have a credible 'why'! The good news is that out of the ashes arose the solution, which did answer the 'why' and the 'how', and is now my revised venture for the summer months ahead.

What are your solutions when you are stuck with a mind block? Mine vary; some of which I have shared in prior newsletters, such as heading to the kitchen, going to my near-by park and enjoying the geese and young goslings. Above all, I have learned that life is not a solo act, and there are times when being our own kindest best friend is reaching out for the wisdom of a trusted source. Ironically, we uncover the perfect solution that was lying dormant within, just waiting for our attention. And - a worthy bonus - kindness slows ageing, which is the third side effect that Dr. David R. Hamilton notes in his book, The Five Side Effects of Kindness. A beautiful book, that I do recommend.

One other solution is to putter, for it can be amazing the ideas that arise in mind when one putters, which is why I always have notepaper and pen handy, especially for those middle-of-the-night breakthroughs. Sitting at my kitchen table this morning at 3:30 am I pulled out a multi-flagged pink book from 1996: Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnack, and read The Art of Puttering (May 20): ".... fertile ground upon which to sow your dreams ... in due time we shall reap an abundant harvest of contentment." Sounds good to me! My late sister, Barb, loved to putter and would often vanish to the Glory-Hole, as it was known then, a room adjacent to our bedroom in Belfast where she would sit for hours, that stored items we no longer used.

My next Innisfree Moment will be in September. During the next two months please take time to visualize the amazing things that speak to your heart, especially being open to those dormant seeds you planted that are patiently waiting for your attention, and know their outcome will bring you contentment and joy. June is the month that I left Belfast and came to Canada many years ago, having no idea what lay ahead, but with a lot of hope in my heart. The life I have led, with its hills and valleys, has been an amazing adventure. As I commence my new intentions over the summer months, I wish you success with yours. May you enjoy the upcoming July and August, and may you always be kind to yourself. Until we meet again in September, keep yourself safe. It is always MY joy to connect with you. Happy Summer Solstice. Blessèd be to you.

A Fireside Insight: You will receive wisdom from many sources. Ultimately, the answers you seek are within your heart, and were there all the time, just waiting for your discovery.
By the Fireside with Dorothy ... Into the Mystic, Ch 13, P52.

Dorothy B.
Dorothy B.

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