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May 2024

A Fable in Two Parts

A Fable in Two Parts

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A shredding truck was scheduled to arrive close by in a few days, indicating it was time to review a deluge of paperwork, including the catch-all folder of items too interesting to discard ... I might need them some day!!! It was during this review that I discovered a humorous tale about an item I had made for a family member, from which arose the idea for the first part of this month's fable, titled: The Saga of my Life ... how I evolved from a ball of wool into a long narrow scarf! Written in 2009, in the voice of the scarf, a shortened version goes like this:

"I had my beginning when my human took me in her suitcase to Ireland. One evening, as she was sitting beside her friends' fireside near Belfast, sipping her evening 'medicinal', she was inspired to pick up my ball of wool and cast some stitches onto short stubby knitting needles. Alas, all did not go well. My human had difficulty finding the proper stitch place. Sometimes going into the row below, creating a too-large space; other times ... goodness knows how ... she added on a stitch, resulting in knitting two stitches together on the next row, to balance things out, she reasoned. Consequently, after a few rows, she ripped me apart and decided, 'ENOUGH'!

"However, with renewed vigour, the next evening she decided to start again, and this time persevered for six rows. And so began my life as a scarf! I am one of a kind, for sure, but my life has not been smooth. I have travelled across oceans, down narrow roads, round hundreds of dizzying roundabouts, visited Galway on the rugged west coast of Ireland, and crossed the ocean to London for a night. At each of these places I grew ... and I grew ... and grew! Next day it was time to return to my starting place at White Rock, where by now I had grown to a gigantic size ... in length, that is! But do you think the story ended here? Not at all! My human then tried to add a fringe, was tutored by her frustrated sister, but the crochet hook and my human got into a tugging match ... alas, a fringe was not to be! So, fringeless, I was shipped off to a family member, along with the tale of my travels.

"My human hopes you will enjoy my warmth, or re-gift me to another human. She has thoughtfully added some of my wool, as you, with your multiple talents (and I suspect greater patience), may choose to add your own fringe. By now you will have realized that I am unique and I can never be duplicated. I welcome you as my new human ... Warmly ... Your Scarf!"

And now, let's move to Part Two of our fable, which links with Part One, as the same family member, who was the recipient of the one-of-a-kind scarf, was also the recipient of another creative attempt that did NOT go well. Although the details are buried deep in my mind and long forgotten, this event came to mind when chatting with a friend a few evenings ago at our local grocery store, who told me she was intending to take a drumming course. Her intention stirred deep memories, as about the same time as the scarf saga, I had participated in a day's workshop on drum-making. The details escape me today, other than recalling the base was a gourd and the contents included a skin which had to be dampened, stretched tightly and secured firmly, before adding some decorative beads. Had I not had huge support from the facilitator of the workshop, my drum would not have been completed. Somehow I misplaced one or more beads, so the finished product was decoratively off balance! Again, it was another creative one-of-a-kind item ... which seemed a good idea, but do not repeat! And off it went to the same family member!

To conclude our whimsical fable, I invite you now to ponder the happenings of your journey. A quote by Socrates in my Color Zen colouring book is: Wisdom begins in wonder. Perhaps not all of the projects we take on result in a perfect ending, but if they piqued our interest and we pursued them, surely we had moments of joy in the midst of the pursuits, perhaps initially in the anticipation of bringing them to life! Would you agree with my experience, that some things we learn best when things go well, but many we also learn from things that didn't? Consider, each step of our journey brought us to where we are today, to a new beginning ... and therein lies the wonder, the curiosity, the what if ...

Let's be grateful for the gifts and talents we each have, and for the curiosity that continues to lead us to pursue new ventures. I have a few ventures I will build upon during the upcoming summer months and, as with previous years, will be taking July and August off from writing an Innisfree newsletter to pursue them. How about you? Have you buried dreams? The late Belfast born C.S. Lewis reminds us it is never too late to bring them to fruition. What if you too developed a plan for your summer months so that by September - which I see as a new beginning - your dream, or dreams, have a life of their own? Aaah, what if ...

Until we meet again in June I leave you to ponder the wondrous ideas that spoke to you, that you did pursue, and to be curious about the ones that are now calling for your attention. After all, they all start with just one tiny step ... and then another ... and another!

Blessèd be to you ... Namasté!

Dorothy B.
Dorothy B.

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