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November 2023

Bridge to the Future

Bridge to the Future

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Welcome to November's Innisfree Moment! As I ponder how this month's newsletter will evolve, I am sitting at my kitchen table, drinking tea poured from my cheery red teapot, while outside the early morning sky is still dark and steady rain is falling. Glancing around my living-room and pausing at a favourite painting created by friend, artist and writer, Eve Lees, ( - illustrated above, the words Bridge to the Future came to mind, reminding me of a Tedx talk I had watched last week by international speaker Mary Morrissey on The Hidden Code for Transforming Dreams into Reality. (

Shall we take ourselves on a journey and see where we go? Let's do it ... but from the warm comfort of our home! First, and metaphorically, would you agree that we have been on a bridge to the future since we arrived on this earthly plane? Perhaps at times the view has been misty, other times absolutely clear, along with many hills and valleys; yet mindful that we had choices to make, moment by moment, that led us to today.

Now we have arrived at November 2023 and already stores are displaying Christmas items. How do you envision your life evolving during the balance of 2023 ... or, by December 2024? And what if we planned an Innisfree Moment reunion in December 2024, what hopes and dreams would we now set and then share with one another? This brings me to Mary Morrissey's talk, where she asked her audience to imagine having a reunion in a year's time to discuss their hopes and dreams and offering three specific guidelines: To create a specific dream with clarity; decline to stay discouraged; be more interested in growth than comfort in the service of their dream.

While December 2024 may seem far away, perhaps, as for me, your 2023 was swift. It seemed that as January passed, spring arrived, summer was busy beyond measure, and before me meet again I plan to have set up my Christmas decorations. Anticipating the direction I would likely go with this November message, I did take some time to do a new treasure map incorporating some of my, as yet, incomplete ideas, including learning some new things and exploring new frontiers ... which, not coincidentally, was the message on my morning's Louise Hay calendar. So consider taking some reflective time to journal, or create a treasure map, capturing ideas and dreams you would like to bring to your reality and share at our reunion in a year's time.

Until we meet again in December, when we return to the light and the tone of my message will be a mystical story that speaks of Real Peace. As I sign off for this month, it is now daylight and the heavy rain has become a dreamy mist. Rich blessings, safety and good health to you. Namasté!

Dorothy B.
Dorothy B.

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