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Testimonials and Pictorials

Rupi & Andrew - 1Rupi & Andrew - 2

The wedding of Rupi and Andrew took place at Dorothy's home on December 12, 2012. The short but personal service commenced as the clock struck 12 noon, included the sand ceremony ritual, and was legalized with the signing of the licence at 12:12 p.m. Witnesses were the bride's friend, Barb, and the groom's mother, Aili. Guests were Bumpy and Brainy, world traveler friends of the couple.

Rupi & Andrew

Lynn & Neil - 1

"Dorothy's kindness, professionalism and amazing nature made our ceremony wonderful! She got to know my husband and I and was able to capture our feelings and express our personalities through her words!!! Our family and friends were touched by the experience and we had a beautiful day!!"

Lynn and Neil

Lynn & Neil - 2

Flora & Kristy - Irish Celtic Wedding

"By some magical twist of fate, we discovered Rev. Dorothy Blandford and asked if she would officiate our wedding. Thankfully, despite the travel involved, she agreed! It was wonderful working together to create our ceremony; she was open to all of our ideas, and had many of her own to inspire us. We had many compliments from our guests not only on our beautiful ceremony, but on Dorothy in particular. She has a lovely speaking voice and balances the sacredness of joining two people in love and the legality of marriage with grace and warmth. Having Rev. Dorothy officiate our wedding was indeed a blessing, and we are so thankful to have had her play such an important role in our wedding."

Flora & Kristy, August 1, 2012

Flora & Kristy - After the Ceremony

Dorothy & Robert

Young Love Blooms at any Age

Blissfully happy, Dorothy and Robert were married on February 9, 2014 in a small at-home wedding, attended by friends, Sarah and Jeff. The bride was 'given away' by her son, Jeff, and her ten-month old grandson, Felix. The groom's son and daughter-in-law viewed the ceremony by Skype.

You can view the ceremony here.

Dorothy and Robert

Dorothy & Robert - Wedding

Genevieve & Christoph

The sun shone and eagles circled overhead as Genevieve and Christoph exchanged their vows at UBC Botanical Gardens on July 26, 2015

Genevieve & Christoph - Wedding