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September 2013

The End Is the Beginning!

This is Dorothy, and welcome to September. I have always felt that September was the 'new year' or 'new beginning', so it is a fitting time to launch something new, "An Innisfree Moment". The format will be as a brief personal email and may contain an inspirational quote, a thought to ponder, a book reference, or information on an upcoming event. They will be produced randomly, once or twice a month.

If you would like to receive the "Moments", please click on the link below or, to short-circuit the sign-up step, send me an email to confirm your agreement at They will be sent only if you express an interest in receiving, and each "Moment" will have an option to unsubscribe.

My new beginnings have often been preceded by an ending, and after four years of monthly audio-script messages on Innisfree's website, it is time for this new launch. The messages covered many topics, mostly inspired by current events in my life - such as the June Pilgrimage to Ireland (Ref: July audio), or by the Seasons. Many times they stretched my comfort zone - initially learning new technology, then putting ideas on paper and through to the final recording. The four years of recorded messages will still be accessible for some time.

I thank you for your interest. Innisfree's website has evolved continually over the past eight years, so do visit the home page, and also look at the new testimonial photos under Sacred Ceremonies. Last month I made mention of the Enya song, Pilgrim, reminding us that we can't change what's over, but only where we go. If I can support and mentor you on where you are going, or if something is stretching your comfort zone, please call. Namasté.

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Dorothy B.
Dorothy B.

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