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August 2013

Trust the Journey, Take One Step at a Time!

This is Dorothy. Please come with me on a journey, a brief imaginary one, a 'time out of time'. For the next few minutes suspend everything you know to be your reality. Relax. Go to your special tranquil place. Are you at the ocean watching the waves? Or, in your garden? Can you hear the birds? Is an eagle soaring overhead? Can you smell the flowers, the grass. Suddenly, in the stillness, you hear the words, "Trust the journey, take one step at a time".

Now, returning to your physical reality, you realize you have been given an amazing gift, the assurance that you can choose the quality and direction of your journey. You feel stronger, more alive and confident, and ready to begin a new chapter in your life.

The above is an extract from July 2012's audio message. Yet, it continues to be a recurring theme in my life, as noted in last month's summary of my Pilgrimage to Ireland. Had I made a 'practical' decision, I would not have experienced a multitude of amazing insights. One in particular has expanded during the past month and, I believe, will have significance for the rest of my life. It is the concept of being an 'Elder' versus a 'Senior'. My roommate on the Pilgrimage introduced me to an insightful book, which I highly recommend - From Age-ing to Sage-ing by Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi. So, what is an Elder? Or, what is MY personal vision from where I am today in my mid-seventies? It is to continue to learn, to grow spiritually, to be interested in new experiences, and to mentor others with compassion and dignity.

May I suggest taking 'time out' to listen to the whispers of YOUR inner voice. Have you a dream deferred? Do you have a thought that re-runs in your mind: 'Wouldn't it be wonderful if...'? In my faith philosophy there is the belief that energy flows where we put our attention. Since my roommate shared details of her "Sage-ing" workshop, numerous reinforcements have presented themselves. With a friend I am now preparing a presentation called "Forever Young", as support for bringing one's dreams to reality. What if you trusted your idea, and developed it, one tiny step at a time?

Please put aside any concerns about 'age-ing'! Two 'saged' friends of mine with a busy lifestyle have recently developed and are sharing their musical talent; another (at 85) is writing a book; and the annual Canadian 'Senior Star' contest is made up of talented people from 65 to 90 - and beyond. John O'Donohue, author of Anam Cara, suggests reflecting on the seven thoughts that shaped our life and that the best way to change is by changing what we think, also reminding us that our days can run through our fingers like sand. (Conversations with John O'Donohue and Imagination as the Path of Spirit).

Do take 'time out' in the days ahead to listen to your heart's whispers, and perhaps purchase a beautiful journal to capture those gems. Last month I made mention of the Enya song, Pilgrim, reminding us that we can't change what's over, but only where we go. If I can support and mentor you on where you are going, I hope you'll call. Until next time, this is Dorothy. Namasté.

Dorothy B.
Dorothy B.

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