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June 2013

Will You Paint Your Masterpiece?

Hi, this is Dorothy! Welcome to June. In a few days I will be joining a pilgrimage in Ireland, visiting sacred sites, staying in a thatched roof cottage, meeting new people, creating new experiences, and enjoying a Guinness in an Irish pub. As I write, it is just past dawn, and I awoke with the flurried thought... 'so much to do, so little time' ...followed by, 'Dorothy, calm down, let's go gently into the day'. So, please join me in the dawning of my new day and give yourself the gift of the next few minutes as a gentle time just for you, a time out of time.

Just let any cares slip away. How is your day? How did it start? Was it gentle? Did you feel grateful for the new dawn? Did you take time for you? Or did you too have busy commitments whirling in your mind? Did you pause to appreciate you... and those in your life? Did you look out and see the colours of the blossoms, the leaves on the trees? Was there joy woven with anticipation in being here?

What is the commitment you have made to YOU just by being here? What does it look like? What doors have opened for you? What new doors will you knock upon? Will you knock gently, or will you use force, just to be sure you are heard? What DO you want in your life? What dreams do you have? Do you want symbols... experiences... peace? Whatever it is, whatever you want is absolutely right for you. And, first, put yourself in the picture. See yourself becoming whatever that is, and believe it. As Dr. Wayne Dyer has said: "You will see it when you believe it."

If your mind digs up reminders of past circumstances you didn't want, immediately hit the 'pause' button and insert the phrase, 'up until now...'. Those circumstances are in the past. And if your dreams are not immediately manifesting, remember the bamboo plant that barely shows growth in its first five years before it shoots up. It was growing strong roots, a strong foundation. Life can be like that. We wonder how it happened. Well, it happened a little at a time. So, be patient, trust, and keep taking those cumulative baby steps. Years ago I gave a talk, "It Takes a Lifetime to Become an Overnight Success"! At 74, that is still the case, as my/our life is ever revolving.

Think of your life as a garden with its rainbow of colours and scents. It is your garden. YOU are the gardener, the artist... you get to design and paint YOUR masterpiece, so choose what it will look like. Without you it would not be complete, for you are its creator. What will you plant today in your garden, in the soil of your consciousness? And, the world wants you to share your masterpiece.

In closing, the Navajo have an important word in their language - "Nizhon", which translated means, "The Beauty Way". They believe there is a way to walk through life in beauty, seeing beauty, looking for beauty and acknowledging beauty. So have a special day; be present in each moment, and marvel at the majesty of the world around you. If I can support and mentor you as you paint your masterpiece, let's connect. Until next time when I'll share some insights of my pilgrimage, this is Dorothy, wishing you a wonderful month and rich blessings. Namasté.

Dorothy B.
Dorothy B.

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