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March 2013

What is the Recipe?

Hi, this is Dorothy! During my recent black-belt decluttering 'fiesta', which included shredding, sorting and reorganizing, I discovered a tiny post-it note with the words, "Dorothy, you have all the ingredients, now what is the recipe?" It had hidden in a file for a long time, and was a wise and appropriate comment, as my lifetime experiences were numerous, with my kit-bag full of possibilities, but lacking in specificity. Can you relate? Many of us have all the ingredients, but do we have a recipe in mind, something we do well, something that is our Masterpiece, and gives us joy.

Birthdays can 'stiffen the spine', bringing new awareness to the swift passage of time. I can attest to that, as I just celebrated one at the beginning of February. During a training workshop in an earlier career, an associate, Bill Cantrell, gave me permission to share an expression he used: "Time: Non-refundable fragments of eternity". Do you have a list with clear priorities for each day? Most important, at the top of your list is there time for you before you go rushing into the day? Do I always do this? Sad to say, not always. Yet, when I do, the day is smoother and much more productive. And I'm happy to say, today has been such a day.

So, please take time this month to act on whichever area is taking up space in your mind and perhaps proving to be an irritant. Is it paperwork, too many clothes, books, projects? Just 10 minutes a day amounts to over an hour's worth of decluttering. By donating unused items, you will gift another. A friend of mine who has a three-level home cleans one room a day. It takes her 10 minutes each day. When I get overwhelmed, I start at one corner of the room, or one corner of my desk, and then work along from there. Baby steps do make a difference. YOU CAN do it. You know you can! As Lucille Boesken's poem says:

"You can write, you can paint, you can sculpt or climb, You can do it by taking one step at a time."

I'd like to finish this message by returning briefly to last month's topic on Precious Connections. Did you experience any warm connections during February, or people who, for a brief time became your 'new best friend'? I shared a few of my rich connections on last month's audio. Just now, before commencing this message, I had an amazing telephone conversation with a young man who was certainly a gift to my day. I was requesting insurance information for an anticipated trip to Ireland later in the year and was given options and suggestions far 'above and beyond the call of duty', as the saying goes. Even during our brief conversation, I knew I was connecting with someone who cared about people, and who was certainly making a difference in the world. So, do reach out, and brighten someone's day with a warm exchange... and it will surely brighten your day!

Until next time, this is Dorothy, wishing you beautiful spring days, rich blessings, longer daylight, and clarity with your 'recipe', and, of course, amazing precious connections. Namasté.

Dorothy B.
Dorothy B.

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