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February 2013

A New Look and Precious Connections

Hi, this is Dorothy! As I prepare this message, we are just hours away from stepping into February. How was the first month of YOUR New Year? In December I said I was taking some reflective 'time out' so as to review Innisfree's path going forward, which I did. I also wanted to become savvy with today's video technology!! The former was very satisfactory and included major reorganizing of my home and office and massive amounts of shredded paper. The latter was not so successful, and so today is, as the saying goes, a work in progress. For now, the audio version will remain.

The website home page has a new look; the Isle of Innisfree music has been removed and is replaced with my personal welcome. Under Sacred Ceremonies there are additional testimonials, along with photos of each couple in their chosen unique setting. This audio session will no longer show the entire script, but is available if you prefer to read instead of listen. During this year I will be offering more personal mentoring sessions.

Now on to precious connections. Have you ever met someone new and had an inspiring connection? Let me highlight a few of mine that have taken place in the last month. While checking out kitchen items in a local store I had over an hour's exchange with a kindred spirit that covered cooking, purpose of life, travel; on the bus into Vancouver early one dark morning, another conversation included art, ministry, (my companion had been thinking about it), and a mutual love of wearing warm stoles; on the bus returning home after 'treating' myself to Dal Richards' 95th birthday celebration with the Vancouver Symphony, there was another insightful conversation with a man who had also attended the concert, that included poetry readings at a local Irish restaurant, favourite music. I may never see these people again but, during our encounter, they were my 'new best friend'! How did it happen? One of us reached out and spoke first and from there the conversation flowed. Each moment holds an amazing opportunity.

Isaac Newton once said that if two angels were sent down from heaven, one to conduct an empire and the other to sweep the streets, they would feel no inclination to change employment, they would know that each moment holds an opportunity to bring light and joy. So whether the result is exhilarating, as my encounters were, or you exchange a smile with a passerby while out walking, you may well have brightened another's day - and your own!

Let me conclude with one last thought, which is now part of my morning quiet time ritual. The idea came from Robert Holden's Success Intelligence, which was one of the books I researched for my Ph.D thesis (Page 87). Ask yourself: "If God has one thought for me today, what would it be?" And then trust the answer.

So, until next time, this is Dorothy, wishing you beautiful spring days, rich blessings, and amazing precious connections. Namasté.

Dorothy B.
Dorothy B.

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