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June 2012

Love and Gratitude

Hi, this is Dorothy. Goodness me, where is the time going? Surely I am not the only one with this 'mantra'. June is a favourite time for weddings and often a time that generates more residence moves. For the past 52 years I have celebrated June 28th as the day that I arrived in Canada from Northern Ireland. I still recall the euphoria as I stepped onto the tarmac at Gander - "I was in love"! It seems that the theme of "love" is still front and centre in my mind, as last month's audio was about loving yourself just the way you are. When I open my front door my eyes go to a piece of white marble on a stand with the words "Where there is great love there are always miracles". (Willa Cather).

A friend of mine once said that life is so simple if we remember there are just two things to live by: Love and Gratitude. Oh, wouldn't our lives be calmer if we lived with that philosophy? I recall reading that we cannot be in fear and gratitude at the same time. This reminder has had stronger impact for me during the past week or so, as my doctor has suggested some tests to look into a medical concern. While I do write a daily paragraph in my gratitude journal, I have 'turned up the heat' in applying this theory.

A few years ago I shared the significance of a gift that still sits on my night table. It is a bar of soap and a microfiber cloth, nestled in an oyster shell. Their message symbolizes that some things happen in life that are pretty mild, surface things, so a quick wash with some soap is all that is needed. Other things take a bit longer, so we have to persevere or dig deeper and use our microfiber cloth. Then there are greater challenges; perhaps an irritation, or a fear that appears insurmountable. So let's go now to our oyster shell. When a tiny grain of sand gets stuck inside its shell it irritates the oyster, almost like a splinter, but it is the beginning of a pearl being formed inside the oyster. There is an excellent and more technical explanation available on Google.

So if you are facing something daunting, know that you are, like the oyster, creating a beautiful pearl, and it is worth being patient and persevering. William Penn wrote, "Patience and diligence, like faith, remove mountains." So, above all, appreciate your friends and be willing to receive their support and love, and know, as Willa Cather wrote, "Where there is great love there are always miracles". Perhaps also do something new. My current "new beginning" is working through the learning curve of Facebook. Another example of "new beginnings" is the movie, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, which I saw last night. I highly recommend it. Above all, continue to capture the richness of this beautiful time of year, which Nature does so well.

Thank you for our time together. If I can support you on your journey, please contact me.

Until next time... This is Dorothy... Namasté.

Dorothy B.
Dorothy B.

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