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February 2012

Waiting at the Station

Hi, this is Dorothy. Before I talk about this month's topic, let me ask: How was the first month of YOUR new year? Swift - like mine? Did you capture any highlights, or special moments in your gratitude journal? A significant one for me was putting Cadi, my Calico cat, on my desktop screen, along with this year's theme, F.O.C.U.S. (January's audio). A special friend and artist sketched Cadi from a photograph (website's 'Pet Blessings'), so I now have a constant reminder of my intention. Our computer screens are excellent places to capture significant illustrations that 'speak' to us.

Now to my topic for this month, 'Waiting at the Station', which is a parable discovered when purging paperwork recently; I recall receiving it from a mentor friend many years ago but regret a Google search did not produce its source.

Are you waiting at a station for a specific train, one that will take you to a destination where all your hopes and dreams will be fulfilled? Do you let a train go by, not sure if it is the 'right one'? Then another, and another, until you become afraid of getting on ANY train, thinking it might be the wrong one. So you continue to wait at the station. Yes, perhaps you might closely examine each passing train, but because the destinations are not clearly marked, you are filled with doubt, fearing the unknown journey, and waiting for specific instructions on which train to board. So you continue to wait until the risk of boarding ANY train is too high, and you remain at the station.

Consider that these 'trains' are opportunities, and each one will take you on the next step of your journey. Are you passing up opportunities for rich experiences or of meeting new people by staying stuck at the 'station'? We know that, ultimately, each 'train' has only one terminus, and that one day our life will end on this earthly plane. Let's really live each day until that time comes. Let's take the next 'train' with absolute trust that we are being divinely guided.

Tune into your inner voice, and know that what is within you is far greater than any outer fear or circumstance. Your history is not your potential. In a few days I will have my 73rd birthday. In past years I too have sat on a fence, afraid to move in any direction - or, in the above parable, afraid to get on any 'train'. The best way to overcome inertia is to seek support so as to get moving again. We on the West Coast are already seeing glimpses of spring. Consider this the springtime of your life. I recall reading that in the Talmud - mystical Jewish writing - every blade of grass has an angel leaning over it whispering 'grow, grow'.

February is a month for romance, so please take time to 'celebrate you'. YOU are very special. If you hear an angel whispering in your ear, 'grow', and if I can support you to get onto the next 'train', please call me for personal coaching. Have a very special month, and see each day as the beginning of something beautiful - it has never been lived before, and it is YOUR day.

Thank you for joining me.

Until next time... This is Dorothy... Namasté.

Dorothy B.
Dorothy B.

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