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November 2011

Will you write a Love Letter? What gives you Comfort and Pleasure?

Hi, this is Dorothy! Until a few days ago, although I had some vague ideas, I did not have a specific theme for November's message, which now has the two-part focus, "Will you Write a Love Letter?" and "What gives you Comfort and Pleasure?". "Will you Write a Love Letter" came out of reading about the events of the recent airline crash at Vancouver Airport. One mother, believing a crash was imminent, quickly texted a message to her young sons, telling them how much she loved them. As with prior months, the idea that follows has a thread that is linked to September's topic, "Will You Leave a Legacy?"

It was Mark Twain who said that twenty years from now we would be more disappointed by the things we did not do, than by the things we did do. Never mind waiting twenty years, what would you do now so that you had no regrets about things left unsaid, or undone? Would you write a letter to the significant person, or people, in your life, telling them how much they are loved? The letter could be included with your personal papers, or it could even be a codicil to your will.

Writing a last letter is not a new idea for me, but it took on a deeper, more urgent, meaning this week due to the events noted above, and also learning of the recent death of the bride whose wedding I facilitated a few weeks ago. (Mentioned in October's message). This morning I met with a long-time wise friend and mentor, and we discussed the value of this concept in great depth. We agreed that a last love letter, or letters, could be our priceless legacy.

Let me now lighten this more somber tone, and move to, "What gives you comfort and pleasure?" This month I introduce you to Cadi, my three-legged Calico cat, whose photograph now appears on the 'Stepping Stones / Pet Blessings' segment of this website. Three years ago, just prior to my adopting her, she turned up at the SPCA, bedraggled and about to have kittens. The Gaelic meaning of her name is 'simple happiness', and this is what she has brought into my life.

So please reflect on what gives you happiness, what gives you comfort and pleasure. We know our body needs good food, water, exercise, but our soul needs stillness, and it needs beauty. So during this month of November, as the daylight lessens, nurture yourself in whatever way is most meaningful for you. Perhaps light a candle, play your favourite music or watch a special movie, sit by the fireside, with a warm cup of tea in hand. And please consider the writing of a last love letter, for it could be the most important one you will ever write.

If I can support you in the writing of your letter, or with any other questions, please do contact me. And, above all, live your life so you have no regrets.

Until next time... This is Dorothy... Namasté.

Dorothy B.
Dorothy B.

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