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October 2011

Just Be... With No Regrets!

This is Dorothy, on a beautiful fall sunny day in White Rock. My topic, 'Just Be... With No Regrets', flows from events in my life during the past week. It also has a thread linking it to the August and September audios: 'Have you a Dream Deferred?' and 'Will You Leave a Legacy?'.

A few days ago I was privileged to marry a beautiful couple. It was a very emotional occasion as the bride is currently in palliative care. Friends and family rallied together to make the day memorable with their presence, beautiful flowers, and food. Upon returning home I learned that another special person had died. Two years ago she had given me a card with a photo of an eagle and her personal message, 'Just Be'. The card has remained in a prominent place on my counter. Then two days ago I read a line in our local newspaper about someone making a career change in order to heed advice given by her brother on his deathbed, 'Make sure you leave this life with no regrets'.

These recent events of just a few days ago caused me to reflect on my life. What seeds am I planting? Do I have regrets? I recall reading that decisions and discipline weigh ounces, but regrets weigh tons. So let's release any heavy weights. Take a moment and reflect on how much you have to be grateful for. What seeds will you plant today and tomorrow? We can't change our past, but the seeds planted today can lead us to living a meaningful life without regrets. Celebrate YOU! One of the great teachers I studied, Judge Thomas Troward, wrote: "Principle is not bound by precedent", which means that our past is not our potential. Our potential is unlimited.

Is there some part of your life that needs a shift? Do you, perhaps like me, 'indulge' in too many projects, and then breathlessly wonder how the day flew by? Thankfully, I am now applying some sage advice from my friend, Nathen Aswell. In his September-October newsletter he shared: "Schedule work into 90 - 120 minutes of intense effort followed by shorter periods of recovery and renewal." ( This shorter time span of discipline is proving more manageable, certainly to me.

The personal events of my week spoke loudly to me. I share them with you for your reflection. Above all, please believe in yourself and step confidently into living each day, 'Just being... YOU, with no regrets'. You are special, and who you are makes a difference.

If I can support you on your journey, please do contact me.

Until next time... This is Dorothy... Namasté.

Dorothy B.
Dorothy B.

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