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September 2011

Will you Leave a Legacy?

Hi! This is Dorothy. My intended topic for this month was overshadowed by the turn of events of the past week. Namely, the death of NDP leader, Jack Layton, that stirred warm, emotional responses of Canadians coast to coast during the week, and at his funeral service. (August 22 - 27). It was in every respect a celebration of his life. Regardless of our political affiliation, what can we apply in our own lives from the legacy of this amazing man? Upon reflection, this message actually flows from mine of last month. (Have you a Dream Deferred?)

As I watched the extraordinary and emotional media coverage - with Kleenex in hand - let me share what particularly resonated for me from the messages I heard about a man who truly lived and loved life.

  • He was a voice for the ordinary person; (Gov. Gen. David Johnston)
  • He made everyone feel special; (Aboriginal Leader, Shawn Atleo)
  • You can wait forever for perfect conditions, or you can make the best of what you have now... always have a dream that is longer than a lifetime... don't let anyone tell you it can't be done; (Eulogy by son, Mike)
  • We learned a lot about life today. (CBC newscaster)

I am currently doing a home study course on the book, "Mind Power" by Canadian author, John Kehoe. One of its great lessons is to have large goals - and to be specific about their unfolding. Have you a dream deferred? Is it longer than your lifetime? Can you turn it into a goal - write it out, review it each day, immerse yourself in its vibration? Most important, don't let anyone tell you it can't be done. I have a major written goal that is reviewed first and last thing each day - I see it, I feel it, and it is specific. Does it have a legacy component? Yes, it does. Do I believe in its manifestation? Yes, I do.

As you read, or listen to this message, it will be September. What does that mean to you? Is it back to school, less daylight, cooler days? Yes, all of that, but, for me, September signifies a new beginning, more symbolic as a 'new year' than January 1st. It is a time of transition, which begins with an ending (of what was - summer days), and ends with a beginning (of what is possible). May I suggest you take some 'time out of time' to reflect on YOUR life. Will you leave a legacy? Jack Layton believed we could each exercise our personal power to make the world a better place. He did, and I believe we can too, regardless of our age or current situation. Believe in yourself, step confidently into a larger YOU - for you ARE unique, and the world needs your talents!

If I can support you on your journey, please do contact me.

Until next time... This is Dorothy... Namasté.

Dorothy B.
Dorothy B.

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