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August 2011

Have You a Dream Deferred?

Hi! This is Dorothy. So let me ask you: Have you a dream deferred? Have you something you always dreamed of doing that is still taking up space in your mind? Was it too big a stretch, or too far outside your comfort zone? Or perhaps your dream just dried up. Could you bring it to life again? Probably yes, or perhaps its essence could be restored with maybe slight variations.

I have been a goal-setter for many years. Originally I used the term 'goals', then 'intentions', then 'bucket list', after watching a favourite movie, The Bucket List. Today, it's a very small notebook with an item and illustration for each page. The amazing thing about this process is that items, once placed in our minds and captured visually, tend to be accomplished.

May I suggest that you create some quiet time and listen to your small voice of wisdom within. What is it saying? It may be very soft at first but, by creating space, your voice will become louder. What will you do if an idea doesn't appear to be 'logical'? Will you jump in with reasons why it isn't possible? Consider pondering for a time in the quietness so as to create new possibilities.

At 60, I heard an inner voice telling me to become a minister... and my immediate response, 'not me, NO way'! Or when the 'voice' again whispered that I embark on studies leading to a Ph.D in metaphysics. Well, step by step, both were achieved (by age 72).

I receive a Daily Dream Builder inspirational email from Mary Manin Morrissey at - which I highly recommend. She recently referred to being handed a book by Douglas McLaughlin, which he had written, "The Back Porch Philosopher", where in a conversation with his son it became clear to him that we each needed to be our own philosopher - to know what our passion is, and he concluded the only way to achieve that was by thinking, so as to arrive at our own conclusions and solutions.

May I encourage you to create some thinking time in order to listen to that still small voice within. Dust off any dreams deferred, consider their merit and wisdom, and be open to the possibility of their achievement. Most important, quiet any so-called logic that would persuade you otherwise. Aim high. Michelangelo once said that the greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that our aim is actually too low and we reach it.

Inspire yourself this month and watch the movie The Bucket List. I'll close off with two questions to consider from it: Have you found joy in your life, and have you brought joy to others?

If I can support you with individual coaching on your journey, or in bringing more joy to your life, please contact me.

Until next time... This is Dorothy... Namasté.

Dorothy B.
Dorothy B.

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