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April 2011

Let the Real You Step Forward...
And move from the shadow into the sunshine!
Part 2

Hi! This is Dorothy, with Part 2 on the topic of letting the 'Real You' step forward and move into the sunshine of your life. Briefly summarizing last month's ideas: being authentic and living from our 'Real Self' can be a process; we might experience a sense of discomfort, second-guess ourselves, lack confidence, indulge in continual busy-ness with no time for personal reflection, operate from an over-riding drive to please others - perhaps against our better judgment, or live out of our past history. Be gentle with yourself, let go of regrets and agree that past decisions "seemed a good idea at the time". I would not trade my rollercoaster 'peaks and valleys', for my life was enriched by its learning experiences and the people who joined me on my journey. Perhaps you too can agree.

Let me offer some ideas based on steps that have supported me over the years:

  • Believe in a Higher Power and totally trust that when the seed of an idea is planted, guidance will be provided.
  • Listen to your inner voice - what is it telling you?
  • Recognize that now is the perfect time to step forward - it is the only time, this present moment.
  • Be courageous. It can take courage to release habits that no longer serve. As early as 4th Century BC, Greek philosopher Aristotle believed that having courage guaranteed other human qualities.
  • Be true to yourself.
  • Choose a simple lifestyle. Anne Morrow Lindbergh in Gift from the Sea wrote that too often we who could choose simplicity, choose complication. (P27). I certainly did! Many of today's inspirational and spiritual authors emphasize the value of simplicity.
  • Take reflective "time out" on a regular basis. Consider the caterpillar which built its cocoon, so it could let go of what it was and emerge as a beautiful butterfly.

I have attended a number of workshops by Dr. Alan Wolfelt, well known author on grief, and close with his profound words: "Listen to the music of the past so you can sing in the present and dance into the future." So this month, take time out to sit in the stillness and listen to the message of your heart. Please remember that you have a song to sing, that you never walk alone, and that you were born to live your authentic self. If I can support you in taking the next step on your journey, please give me a call.

Until next time... enjoy each day, and have a beautiful Easter. It's Springtime... renewal time! This is Dorothy... Namasté.

Dorothy B.
Dorothy B.

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