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March 2011

Let the Real You Step Forward...
And move from the shadow into the sunshine!
Part 1

Hi! This is Dorothy.By the time you read, or listen to this message, it will be March. "Let the Real You Step Forward" - is the focus of my personal coaching program, and was the topic of a paper I wrote last year for my Master's Degree in Metaphysical Science. It also has the tag line... "And move from the shadow into the sunshine."

You might be asking, "why this title" - indeed a valid question. Or perhaps you're thinking, "what does it mean, and why would anyone stay in the shadows?" Or, maybe, "how would I know who the 'Real Me' is?" Again, very valid questions. You might also be thinking, "I know the real me". If so, I honour you. With hindsight, my thesis became autobiographical, which wasn't a conscious thought when I started to write.

To answer the first question, the inspiration for the title was by recalling insightful words by Helen Keller, the courageous author who lost her sight and hearing at 19 months. "Keep your face to the sunshine and you will never see the shadow." Wise words indeed. Yet, an elusive concept if we live our life by staying in the background, or in the shadows. The question then is, "why?" Why might we go through life feeling vaguely dissatisfied, unfulfilled, seeing barriers but not knowing how to break through them?

The answers that came up for me were that I lacked self-confidence and so lived in the shadow of the 'Little Me' within, with the weighty notion of not being 'enough'. Robert Holden, author of Success Intelligence suggests that no matter how intelligent, talented or committed we may be, it is our sense of worthiness that ultimately supports or sabotages our success. Like the author, I had attended hundreds of hours of seminars, workshops, and read many books, forever searching for "THE answer". Can you relate? The Head is a Lousy Hunter, was the title of a talk by a former Toastmaster friend, who had followed a similar relentless search, only to ultimately find the answer four inches from his head, in his heart.

I believe that being authentic, knowing and living from our "Real Self" is a process. Clarity may happen early in life for some or, as it was for me, much later. This topic is too large for one audio, so I will continue next month. Let me leave you with the wisdom in the classic favourite, The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams. The Skin Horse in the nursery tells the Velveteen Rabbit, who desperately wants to be real, "Real isn't how you are made... it doesn't happen all at once... you become [real]." So this month, please take time out to sit in the stillness and listen to the message of your heart.

Until next time... enjoy each day... Spring is on its way! This is Dorothy... Namasté.

Dorothy B.
Dorothy B.

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