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November 2010

I Found a Goldmine

Hi! This is Dorothy. Might you perhaps have a goldmine hidden away? I rediscovered mine through purging a deluge of paperwork. This month I share with you some notes of a special experience, found in an over-stuffed file.

It was a program that was billed as "one day that will change your life forever", a sold-out conference attended by 2,500 women. Volunteering to assist, and assigned to the speakers' hall, I heard most of the messages from eight powerful and successful women and one young man. Diverse in their fields, honest in their stories, they made us laugh and cry with their inspirational messages. A few of the highlights were:

The importance of appreciating ourselves. Woven into each speaker's talk were two words: "spirituality" and "choice" (or "attitude"). Kathy Buckley, billed as "North America's First Hearing Impaired Comedienne", following a horrendous early life, has chosen to rise above her challenges, and inspire others to make a difference, as has singer, Naomi Judd.

Spirituality was referred to as the inner power that creates a masterpiece. Paula Nelson, financial expert, said "the joy of money is where spirituality and productivity come together". Ricky Martin, a young singer with millions of screaming fans, when asked what kept him grounded, said, "spirituality is my medicine... having my head and my heart together." A Vancouver newspaper headline read: "Message of Spirituality Praised by Participants".

Perhaps you agree with me, that we read, discover, or rediscover something of value in perfect timing. My decision to drastically purge years of paperwork unearthed gems of wisdom, which was followed by a personal re-examination: What do I bring to the table - is it of value to my family, friends, ministry, community? Do I honour myself? Am I in touch with my inner strength, my spirituality? Are my head and my heart together? And, of course, the reminder that attitude is always a choice. Sharing these highlights with you has been a bonus.

May you rediscover, or discover, a goldmine that empowers you. I wish you rich blessings for a very special month.

Until next time... this is Dorothy... Namasté.

Dorothy B.
Dorothy B.

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