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June 2010

A bar of Soap, a Cloth, and an Oyster Shell

Welcome! This is Dorothy, and this month I share with you the significance of a symbolic gift that sits on my desk: it is a bar of soap and a microfiber cloth, nestled in an oyster shell. Have I got you curious? Here's the story: Last month during breakfast a long-time friend handed me these items as a gift. Knowing that I was facing the daunting task of writing a lengthy thesis, this is what he said.

Some things happen in life that are pretty mild, surface things, so a quick wash with some soap is all that is needed. Other things take a bit longer, so we have to persevere or dig deeper, and perhaps use our microfiber cloth.

Then there are other, bigger things, so daunting that we wonder how we'll manage or ever get to the finish line. Perhaps it's an irritation, or a fear that appears insurmountable - like public speaking, or a lengthy project.

Let me take you to our oyster shell. When a tiny grain of sand gets stuck inside its shell it irritates the oyster, almost like a splinter. I won't go into a longer technical explanation - there is an excellent one available on Google - but it is the beginning of a pearl being formed inside the oyster, which takes a considerable time.

So, if you are facing something daunting, know that you are, like the oyster, creating a beautiful pearl, a work of art, and it is worth being patient and persevering. William Penn wrote, "Patience and diligence, like faith, remove mountains." This month, have faith, and join me in knowing that you can move that mountain.

Until next time... this is Dorothy... Namasté.

Dorothy B.
Dorothy B.

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