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February 2010

Romancing You

This is Dorothy Blandford. I welcome you to this audio section of Innisfree. May you hear, or read, something that "speaks" to you in your heart.

February - a month when we are reminded of romance, of hearts, flowers; perhaps we send Valentine cards to family and special ones in our lives, and receive acknowledgments of how much we are valued.

May I suggest that you also take time to "romance you" - to light a candle, pour a glass of wine, and reflect with gratitude how special you are. The world would be very different had each of us not "shown up". I'd like to paraphrase some lines from an email that I received, which started my reflection on this train of thought. It was entitled : "If Not For You".

If not for you, there would be a place of emptiness in the heart of God.
If not for you, all the good you have done would still need doing.
If not for you, the spark of your ideas would not have ignited a fire in others.
If not for you, the key role you have played in life's drama would remain unfilled.
If not for you, at least one person would not have awakened to their dreams.
If not for you, someone who needed love would not have received it.
If not for you, the song of life would have missed a beat.
If not for you, your gifts would remain un-given.
If not for you, an animal might be homeless, and a garden left unplanted.
You have always made a difference. Who you are is important every day.
You are the face, the heart and the Soul of God.

So I hope this helps to remind you how special you are, and that your life is a gift and a blessing to the world. Have a very special month.

Until next time... this is Dorothy... Namasté.

Dorothy B.
Dorothy B.

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