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October 2009

Welcome To Innisfree Spirit Ministry

This is Dorothy Blandford. Thank you for visiting Innisfree. I hope you will find something of interest, or perhaps something that inspires you.

This segment of the site is renewed each month with my personal message, and a meditation or a brief reading from a favourite book.

This month I'd like to share some blessings that are included in my Stepping Stones booklet. They were first written by JoAnn Janson in Define Yourself and Discover Your Destiny. JoAnn was a beautiful highly spiritual young woman living in White Rock, BC, who made her transition in 2006. Permission to reprint these blessings was granted by Cal Pawson, the holder of her copyright. And it is with Cal's permission that I have adapted them for this reading to the present tense. And here they are.

  • If you are in despair, may you find hope.
  • If you are at a loss as to how to cope or where to turn, may you find help and direction.
  • If you are without a sense of meaning in your life, may you find purpose.
  • If you are feeling alone, may you find a friend.
  • If you are confused, may you find at least a spark of clarity.
  • If you are feeling overwhelmed, may you find some measure of peace.
  • If you are heavy with sadness, may you feel the possibility of the joy and some of the lightness of Being.
  • If you have no sense of self, may you experience the stirrings of the real you deep within, beckoning.

And so, this is Dorothy. Thank you for listening. Have a very special day. And let's connect if I can support you on YOUR journey. Until next time ... Namasté.

Dorothy B.
Dorothy B.

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