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October 31, 2013


Have you a Dream Deferred?

Is there something you once dreamed of doing but never brought to fruition? Was it too big, or too far outside your comfort zone? Did your 'safety net' hold you back? Yet, is it something that continues to take up space in your mind, quietly dormant? Wouldn't it be wonderful if you brought it to life again, and gave it some 'work clothes'!

Walt Disney was a 'Great Imagineer'. His secret? He kept three chairs in his office, each one anchored to a different perspective: First, he sat in the dreamer's chair, visualizing only the possibilities; next, he moved to the realist chair, seeing his dream unfolding; then the critic's chair, evaluating the work of the dreamer and realist to find the win-win solution. Today we have his legacy, bringing untold joy and magic to young and old.

This month I realized one of my long-term buried dreams, and experienced a blissful four night Via Rail trip from Toronto to Vancouver. It included five-star meals, meaningful conversations with people from around the world, and personal time for reflection and reading a captivating book, saved just for the journey. I encourage you to check out my friend and ministry associate's insightful book: SolePath: The Path to Purpose and a Beautiful Life, by Dr. Debra Ford, Msc.D. It is available from, or by direct link on my website's book list.

Thank you for joining me. If I can support you in putting 'work clothes' on your dream, please call! Until next time...

Dorothy B.
Dorothy B.

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