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July 27, 2016

Go with the Flow

Go with the Flow

I would love to live like the river flows
Carried by the surprise of its own unfolding

The above is a short poem, Fluent, by John O'Donohue, author of Anam Cara.

Those words speak to me about my life, as I am often amazed by its unfolding! Perhaps I seldom 'flowed' like the river, but often 'paddled upstream', thus creating a complicated life instead of the simplicity I believed I truly desired... and naturally question a family member's observation that I wouldn't recognize simplicity if it barreled into me!!

Can you relax and just go with the flow? Or do you need to have 'all your ducks in a row' beforehand, as if relaxing was a guilty pleasure? At my recent ministry conference in Sedona I purchased a CD album from a colleague - Everything is Alright, dedicated to all people working for peace in our world. Its title song, and one of my favourites, is a key reminder to take it easy and slow... just go with the flow. Please visit Rev. Pam's website and listen to her beautiful Peace Canon: Author Andrew Matthews in his book, Happy: A Handbook to Greater Confidence and Security :123, suggests that when we relax, our brain rhythms move into a slower mode, enabling us to be more creative.

In my last month's Moment I shared that due to breaking my ankle I intuitively felt I was being called to step back for a time of reflection on the journey ahead and, particularly, how I would contribute with laser-like focus instead of my historical knee-jerk, just do one more thing. Do I have an answer? Glimmers, yes - including simplicity! Last week I learned that the inner side of my ankle needed some more strengthening, so my regal purple cast / wheelchair bound life continues until the next decision date, two weeks hence. Did the Universe feel I needed more time? It would seem so.

I am in a perfect setting for such reflection, with trees outside my window, birds singing, and geese meandering through with their young family from the nearby park. Let's be mindful of carving out a quiet time in each day. Nature gives us perfect examples - birds and animals know when to sleep, the soil needs to rest, and Cadi, my cat, just IS Cadi - (whose Gaelic name means 'simple happiness'). Matthews suggests that we can learn much from Winnie the Pooh's easy, accepting, uncomplicated philosophy - "while Eyeore frets, and Piglet hesitates and Owl pontificates... Pooh just IS." We can learn much from Cadi, Pooh, and yet, we can flow like the river. Just as I know that my reflection time is not a lonesome journey, but one where I am seeking wisdom from my wise sages and mentors, if you would like a listening ear of support with your reflections, please do get in touch.

Please also visit my website as it will soon have some updates to the Welcome page that include a link to the talk I gave in Sedona on Staying Young at Heart on the Journey from Ageing to Sageing. The reading list is updated frequently with my most recent favourites.

Until next time... Namasté

Dorothy B.
Dorothy B.

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