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June 27, 2016

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Down the OOPS Road
... to the Kindness Trail

In last month's Innisfree Moment, I had written: "...venture into 'new beginnings', the memories would remain" (referring to the challenges of thousands of hours of study leading up to the graduation ceremony in Sedona and the memories of many new friendships that were formed). Little did I know that five days later I would have a similar experience, in a totally different setting!!

My 'OOPS Road' consisted of falling and breaking my ankle in two places... definitely NOT my plan!! As I write, three weeks have passed since that day; three weeks in which I continue to travel along the 'Kindness Trail'.

I have long 'touted', and proved, that every challenge carries a gift, and this is no exception. Certainly, in no small measure, it is the gift of many kindnesses, starting with the three young people who stayed with me - four strangers who laughed together and became 'new best friends' for 30 minutes until the ambulance arrived, numerous drivers who stopped to offer support, the caring Emergency team at my local hospital, special friends, and my sister who has put her life on hold during my wheelchair-bound-no-weight-bearing venture. Plus, upon learning there was a possibility of surgery if the bones did not knit, reaching out for prayers and affirmations, to know along with me that that was not a reality... which indeed is the case, as x-rays verified this week, and now a permanent cast (regal purple) is in place for the next four weeks.

Intuitively I feel I am being called to step back for a time of reflection, verified a few days after the fall by receiving a book from a Victoria friend (not a coincidence): A Pace of Grace - the Virtues of a Sustainable Life by Linda Kavelon-Popov. I immediately knew from reading the introduction why it had come my way. The author had early polio, led a breathless life of non-stop busy-ness, as I did, had post-polio (which I didn't) that was a wake-up call to change her frenetic pace to one of grace.

I believe we are connected to one another in very special ways, that life is not a 'solo act' (even if living alone), and friendships are precious. A long-time Hospice friend inspired me with her courage, despite a lifetime of health challenges. She didn't believe in looking back with regret or 'should haves', gave a lot of joy by leading overseas tours, and believed in 'doing it now... in case there wasn't any later'. There is a tribute to her in the July-August Knowledge magazine: A Sad Goodbye (

My favourite coffee cup has an imprint with horses and inspiring words:

As long as we have memories, yesterday remains; as long as we have hope, tomorrow waits; as long as we have friendship, today is beautiful.

I was reminded in a June 2nd message from the Universe,, that we have already earned our wings, we've passed the auditions... and this message was supposed to have reached us eons ago! As I wrote in a letter to the editor of our local paper: 'the bones will heal and the discomfort fade, but the kindness of so many will remain an everlasting memory'.

May you continue to build special memories filled with hope and beautiful friendships, and may you continue to venture down your Kindness Trail, knowing you have already 'earned your wings'!

Until next time... Namasté

Dorothy B.
Dorothy B.

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