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March 20, 2016

Blissful Moments

Blissful Moments in Time!

Do you have 'blissful moments' that warm your heart and uplift your spirits? Do you have recent ones that come to mind? Below are a few of mine during the past week:

  • While driving to a St. Patrick's Dinner Dance with four friends, marvelling at the sight of a spectacular rainbow stretching across the sky.
  • Watching a brilliant performance of Irish dancing by young people of the De Danann Irish Dancers, which featured Freddy Nguyen, who successfully auditioned for the show, Heartbeat of Home, by the producers of Riverdance.
  • Sharing the driveway at my apartment complex with two Canada Geese out for an early morning stroll.
  • Smiling at the illustration of the English bulldog above, and reminiscing Paddy, my English bulldog, formally Lady Patricia Blandford I!

Regardless of where we are on our journey, may we always be 'students of life'. Is that taking courses, learning new skills or a new hobby? It could be, yes, especially joyful ones that have personal meaning. Perhaps it is listening to music, playing or learning a new instrument, or creating a new discipline, or a change of some kind. Innisfree's website has had some recent edits of text, reading suggestions, new photographs substituted, and testimonials moved adjacent to pertinent content. Also, each month's Moment will now mention a book, song or DVD that 'spoke' to me.

My current reading is Being Mortal by Atul Gawande, a practicing surgeon, on end of life challenges. While not 'lighthearted' material, its research recognizes the importance of comfort in simple pleasures... sunlight on our faces... that human beings have a need for both privacy and community... and how residents of a nursing home 'came alive' by caring for something beyond themselves with the addition of children, pets and fresh plants, due to the vision of a young doctor, Bill Thomas. It is an excellent resource, particularly for those of us caring for others.

Springtime is a wonderful season of hope, with the magnificence of spring flowers, blossoms and new leaves on the trees. I started writing this issue on St. Patrick's Day, where the majority of people I saw had joyfully chosen to wear something green, and radio stations played lilting music... Bliss indeed!

Until next time, may you have a special Easter, and may you capture many 'Blissful Moments in Time'. Namasté!

Dorothy B.
Dorothy B.

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