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February 26, 2016

Purveyors of Happiness!

Purveyors of Happiness!

Recently I was gifted with a box of Butlers chocolate truffles that a friend had purchased in Ireland. Produced in Dublin for over 80 years, they were in a beautiful box, lined with special paper and matching ribbon. So that this treat would last as long as possible I doled them out sparingly, 'reverently' making a selection each 'visit'. This ritual continued for a couple of weeks before I noticed the caption below their name on the box: "Purveyors of Happiness".

About the time of this discovery I had watched a video by author, Robin Sharma (The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari), and was reminded of the value of being a great 'noticer' - of surroundings, people, sunsets, flowers, the aroma of coffee / tea... of Life! I had initially failed to notice 'purveyors of happiness' that so perfectly described Butlers' products, and that now creates constant images in my mind... such as three tiny purple crocus flowers huddled together under a bush, noticed on my morning walk.

'Purveyor' - one who provides, supplies. Nature is surely the greatest provider, with springtime now evident, especially to those of us who live on the west coast of Canada, where blossoms are already opening, birds happily singing, and cheerful daffodils and tulips are on display. So let us be 'noticers' of this majestic time of renewal, and let us welcome each new day with anticipation, open to its many possibilities, for it is, as referred to by Mary Manin Morrissey, 'a lifetime in miniature'.

May we also be 'purveyors of happiness' by acknowledging the special people in our lives who contribute in many ways with their support, creative gifts, joy of music, and listening ears. I have been the beneficiary of many such gifts, and my appreciation is boundless. I would also add, please acknowledge yourself unconditionally for the gift that you are, accepting that whatever you need is already at hand. And, if you need support, the greatest gift you can give yourself is to ask for it, knowing you will receive it... and you will!

Until next time... Blessed be... Namasté!

Dorothy B.
Dorothy B.

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