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January 20, 2016

Will You Travel Lightly

Will You Travel Lightly?

I begin this first Innisfree Moment of 2016 with warm appreciation for the responses and feedback received each month, especially when the topic is one that has a timely personal message. Thank you... Thank you!

This month's title is near and dear to my heart in light of the recent move into a new apartment four weeks ago. While I had drastically shredded papers, reduced clothes and household possessions, during the unpacking new decisions were made and additional items donated when I asked the hard questions: Do I need this? Can I let it go and reduce my 'luggage'?

What have you carried in your 'luggage' into 2016? We know when flying that we are limited by airline restrictions, thus enforcing mindfulness. My double move within a short space of time was a personal wake-up call! Could I further simplify my life so my days were not 'breathless wonders from dawn to dusk'? Did I need to continue the time-consuming exercise of entering every personal expense in an Excel sheet? No!

Many of us write goals filled with well thought-out intentions. For many years I have had a theme for the year, broken down into quarters, and detailed by month. This year I have returned to capturing moments of joy and gratitude. More than a thousand years ago Japanese ladies would keep a Pillow Book, written at the end of each day that expressed their feelings and memories, often with sketches or poems. Perhaps it might not say what they did, but it was a way to remember what gave great pleasure.

The Scottish writer, Neil Gunn, believed that all of us have great moments in our lives which he called 'atoms of delight'. He felt it was important for us to celebrate such times, to gather them up like treasures inside. Everyone's store will be different, but each will be precious. So let us celebrate our 'atoms of delight', and join me in 'travelling lightly'! May 2016 bring many rich blessings!


Invitation: Eve Lees and I will again be presenting a Forever Young session at the White Rock Library on Wednesday, January 27, 1 - 3 pm (15342 Buena Vista Avenue). It is complimentary and will cover health of body, mind and spirit, including tips about nutrition, exercise, and the value of laughter. We would love to see you if the location is convenient.

Dorothy B.
Dorothy B.

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