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November 28, 2015

Checking the Wind

Checking the Wind!

Some years ago I wrote about 'Waiting at the Station' as a metaphor for life, and how we questioned whether the arriving train was the 'right' one to take us to our destination. What if, instead of a train, we thought of life as a sailboat where each day we checked the direction of the wind before setting sail? The 'sailboat' metaphor was recently presented by author, Barbara Brown Taylor, (Learning to Walk in the Dark), during an interview on Oprah Winfrey's Super Soul Sunday program.

Some days are calm and result in smooth sailing, and others might have a storm brewing where we need to hold on and ride out the storm. Could an example of 'checking the wind' be synonymous with pausing to listen to our intuition, or inner voice? I believe so. I heard that 'voice' recently when I went to Victoria in search of a place to live. It was early on a misty morning, while sitting at the fountain in Beacon Hill Park, listening to the ducks, that I heard "no, not yet" in my head. The message was so clear that I returned home instead of lengthening my stay. (If you have been following Innisfree Moments 25 and 26, you'll know that I recently sold my home in White Rock where I had lived for 24 years, and have actively been looking for an apartment in a 'village' setting).

I believe our best life stories are often the result of challenging ourselves, while keeping a steady hand on the tiller of our lives. There is a Japanese proverb that says: One kind word can warm three Winter months. Wherever you are, or whatever decisions you might be facing at this time, have faith that the perfect solution is at hand, and be kind to yourself, in whatever way 'speaks' to you. While in the midst of actively looking for my next home and cocooning at my sister's home along with Cadi, my 3-legged Calico cat, I am basking in one of my absolute joys - watching re-runs of Christmas movies on a local television channel!

Sometimes we can find Real Peace in the most unexpected situations... which will be the topic of my December 'Moment'. Until then, when we return to the light, may the music and lights of this special time bring you joy and peace. Namasté!

Dorothy B.
Dorothy B.

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