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August 1, 2015

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Forever Young on the Journey from Age-ing to Sage-ing
Leave no Regrets (Part 2 of 3)

Leaving no regrets is the second of three suggestions on our 'Forever Young' journey. It is living one's life so that we might leave this earthly plane with a contented heart instead of agonizing over what we might have done, or wish we had. Maybe we didn't do all that we hoped to, but let's not burden ourselves by carrying a heavy backpack filled with regrets and, instead, look at our amazing life and celebrate all that we did experience.

In his book, Anam Cara - A Book of Celtic Wisdom, John O'Donohue quotes T.S. Eliot, "...we shall arrive where we began and know the place for the first time", suggesting that getting older can be a time of ripening, when we actually meet ourselves, perhaps for the first time, and release false burdens that weighed us down. The greatest end-of-life spiritual pain is often caused by being unable to forgive ourselves, or another; while we may not condone someone's actions, being able to forgive can free us to move on in our own life, and not remain imprisoned by the hurt done to us.

Many of the seniors interviewed by John Izzo (Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die) regretted not taking a chance, afraid of making a 'wrong' decision. Heeding our intuition, listening to that inner voice, can provide great wisdom. I am grateful that I 'listened' and resigned from a corporate role earlier than planned, as three weeks later my husband had a sudden heart attack and died within a few days. Today a good friend shared that she was advised to give up her business, as standing all day was seriously affecting her health. The frontispiece of my Stepping Stones© booklet has the words: "...I learned the greatest love is in letting go." Perhaps 'the greatest love' might be the gift we give to ourselves.

One of my ministerial teachers has a favourite saying: "I have given up all hope of a better yesterday". If you are carrying a backpack of yesterday's regrets, please consider releasing that weight so you might enjoy today's many 'mindful moments', which is our topic for Part 3.

Until then, I wish you beautiful summer days and rich blessings... Namasté

Dorothy B.
Dorothy B.

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