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January 24, 2015

Fairy Firstlings

Fairy Firstlings of the Year

Fairy firstlings of the year, is how well-loved poet Alfred Tennyson referred to snowdrops. They may look fragile, but here on the west coast, regardless of the weather, bloom in January and February. The snowdrop has long been my favourite flower, symbolizing courage. One of my rituals is being reassured each December 1st that they are above-ground. Spring is on its way!

Do you have special rituals? Do you have a theme (or vision) for 2015? Do you treat yourself to a gift, or take 'time out' for a day (or an hour) just for you, or invite a friend to share a cup of tea? A few days ago I was gifted with a copy of the 2010 Friendship Book that had belonged to my friend of 95 whose memorial I wrote about in December's Moment. Below is the January 18th poem by Joan Howes that speaks to the comfort of a cup of tea:

The comfort of a cup of tea suits any dire emergency.
It spreads its message far and wide, it bridges every known divide.
It seals our friendships, soothes our foes, shares our gladness, mends our woes.
With cups of tea old friends are hosted, weddings planned, new babies toasted.
Whether in bags or floating leaves, this welcome beverage relieves.
To win the hearts of folk next door, invite them in and say, "I'll pour"!

I believe that comfort rituals can restore our energy, especially on harried days. Rituals and annual themes have been a significant part of my life for many years. My 2014 theme was 'Simplicity and Consistency'. In hindsight, the consistency was stronger than the simplicity. Recognizing that I did want a simpler lifestyle, I chose 'Serene Observer' for this year. Perhaps you would have smiled indulgently or shaken your head in disbelief had you been in my home over the past few weeks and witnessed the movement of books, furniture, pictures, and massive paper shredding. However, one significant thing has changed: Last year it was often late into the evening before I finished projects for the day, whereas this year my evening time is starting much earlier... a very good sign indeed!

Until next time, let's take 'time out' to reflect upon, and heed, whatever inspires us and, in the words on my Celtic calendar, may we walk this world with hearts on fire.


Dorothy B.
Dorothy B.

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