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December 22, 2014

Christmas Dream

A Christmas Dream

Dear Friends,

I do regret the lapse between October's Moment and this late December one. My target was to complete my MBA.M thesis and dedicate it to a special friend, Dorothy Bonshor, on her 96th birthday, November 16th, but she died the week prior. Yesterday we celebrated her life with a rousing 'send-off' of music and stories... she had ten children, so there was close to 200 people present, mostly family. It was a beautiful tribute to a life well lived that I was honoured to facilitate, but will certainly miss our weekly times together.

The following is a story that we shared over the past years during Christmas time. Regretfully, I do not know its author, or the source from which it came. So I have edited it, weaving in a reference to my cat, Cadi, who liked to 'plop' down close to the phone during our calls, including our last time together, the night before she died. I now share it with you, and hope Dorothy is 'listening in' to again hear the story of The Christmas Dream.

"I had a dream the other night that I met Jesus in a coffee shop. He wasn't having one of those fancy lattés; he was quietly drinking the house brew. He didn't have a name tag or special robes, nor was there a chariot parked out front. What I felt when I was near him was the outpouring of more love than I have experienced in the whole of my life. You could feel love in his entire being. I asked him why he had come back. Smiling he answered, 'I never left. I am here in physical form today to celebrate your birthday'.

"Before my mind could edit a single word I heard myself say, 'But it is your birthday we are celebrating.' Still smiling he replied, 'I was not born on December 25th. That date was picked for reasons having very little to do with me. I came to celebrate the birth of the Christ consciousness in you. I was once reported to have said: ...he who believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do. I said something close to that so you would know that I was not an exception, but was instead an example of how God, through each of us, can do great things. It is God in you I have come to celebrate. I am honoured that so many remember me. I am saddened by how few remember the God living in me is the same God living in every atom of creation. The God I celebrate is everywhere present. God is not reduced nor increased by height, weight, colour, nationality, race or religion. The only thing that can be reduced or increased is your awareness of God'.

"Suddenly I became aware of a loud and insistent meowing in my ear. It was Cadi, my lively Calico cat, telling me it was time to get out of bed and feed her. Oh, I know it was only a dream. And I also know that truth often seems more like a dream than what we call our daily reality.

"So during this season of remembering, allow yourself to dream. Allow your awareness of God to be as close as your dreams. Give yourself the gift of basking in the knowledge that God in you can do anything and is as close to you as your very own heart. And while you are doing these things, remember to enjoy this holy season of love. As you show your love to others, you also express it to God."

As we return to the light, may the quiet beauty of this special Season bring you deep joy and warm memories to cherish throughout the coming year.

Until next time... Namasté

Dorothy B.
Dorothy B.

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