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February 14, 2014

Sacred Feathers

Sacred Feathers

Feathers are known to represent universal energy. Sacred Feathers by Maril Crabtree, contains a selection of short true stories by people for whom a feather had been a messenger of hope, or a gentle reminder of an inner wisdom. The author reminds readers that although feathers from certain birds have a universal message, they can have a specific individual message. I have a collection of such special feathers in my home, and share three examples:

  • Picking up a single black feather lying on my driveway which seemed to 'speak' to me, I learned that it is a sign of mystical wisdom, confirming spiritual shifts I was experiencing at that time.
  • While on a retreat in Ireland, numerous white feathers appeared in unlikely places. White feathers can symbolize love, new life, purification. At that time I was making a major life transition.
  • A friend gave me a large one that she picked up while out walking, likely from an eagle or a hawk, sacred birds in many cultures, associated with courage, swiftness and strength. My feather symbolizes an anchor and a kite - grounding me, and also inspiring me to soar higher, with more courage.

Feathers continue to be meaningful for me. What is symbolic for you, or gives you a message of hope, or inner wisdom? Perhaps a feather, a rainbow, or a book that 'just happens' to fall into your hands with the answer to a question? Sacred Feathers 'fell' into my hands today, as I was looking for an inspiring story for a friend of 95 in a care home, and replaced the Valentine's message I had intended to write. I share it with you for your reflection, along with wishes for a very special Valentine's Day. Be sure to celebrate yourself and your journey, and indulge in guilt-free chocolates!

Until next time...

Dorothy B.
Dorothy B.

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