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October 2017

Let There Be Music

Let There Be Music

In recent weeks I have attended three memorial services, where each one was in a personalized setting, fitting the life we were honouring. The thread that connected each person was their caring lifestyle and the talented music they shared that brought great joy to their listeners.

What is your experience of obituaries and celebrations of life? Yes, sadness, especially when the deceased is a relative or close friend; yet, oftentimes, hugely inspirational. Such was the case with the life lessons of a former neighbour, read by his oldest daughter. They were based primarily on family holidays, and each had a 'takeaway gem'. Later, during the reception, I asked if she would be willing to send me a copy, assuring her they would be shared respectfully. Without hesitation, she agreed. Below are some of those gems:

  • The vacation starts when you back out of the driveway! The JOY is in the journey.
  • You bring it. You carry it! Only take the GOOD STUFF.
  • Dress up to travel! Get up. Dress Up. Show up and never give up!
  • The border guards are more powerful than the police! Be respectful and courteous as you travel; travel safe so you can keep travelling.

My former neighbour was a very gentle man who felt the secret to life was to keep it simple, spend time with people you love, worry less and do what makes you happy. Simple, yes, but perhaps you agree, not always easy! He knew when to retire from a lifelong career, and for the rest of his life volunteered endlessly, often working behind the scenes, travelling, singing Karaoke style, and living out of the words that headed his obituary: Life was meant for great friends and great adventures. I believe that in some way we are a teacher for another; attending his memorial provided me with many teachable moments.

Gratitude: With warm appreciation I thank you for your feedback when sharing something that triggered a memory of a personal experience. My appreciation also goes to Larry Moss of Mountain.Web, who has recently edited some areas of my website - current reading material added to the book list, past newsletters archived, photographs updated - and who enhances and distributes the copy I send him into what you receive each month.

I commenced this month's theme, Let There Be Music, by referring to three people in their later years whose musical talent brought great joy to others. I now conclude with three links to young talent that does the same, and share them for your joy (and goose-bumps). And so the circle is unbroken!

May these life lessons and the stirring music of the young people speak to your heart, and provide their own teachable moments, as they did for me. Until we meet again, when I plan to write about my original intention for this month ... bedtime stories and colouring books!


Dorothy B.
Dorothy B.

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