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September 2017

Her Main Desire was to Expand Her Mind

Her Main Desire was to Expand Her Mind

The above picture with its captivating title hangs above the computer in my office, gifted by an artist friend which she named Comet Sue. She and I had completed many years of ministry studies, travelled together to Monterey in California for the finals and daunting panel interviews, creating a strong support bond as we each expanded our minds over the years ... a continuing journey!

Would you agree that curiosity plays a large role as we explore areas of interest? It does for me. A few weeks ago a new young neighbour invited me to join a small discussion group he was leading on Life as Art - How to live creatively in a rapidly changing world. Wanting to support him and curious about the topic, I went along, knowing I would likely be the only non-conventional artist (which I was). When it was my turn to speak, and admitting that even my early stickman art was pathetic, I suggested that everyone was an artist in their own field of interest; such as culinary, musical, handiwork, glass blowing, graphic and website design, etc., etc., adding that curiosity worked for me, especially when experiencing the thrill of discovering hidden gems at my hospital thrift store! This led to additional input from the group, a delightful two hours, and my feeling energized through having attended.

I share the above with you for another reason, to which you may relate. In an earlier season of my life I might not have attended, as they were artists and I wasn't, so what could I say, giving in to small thinking and the stories I told myself. Sadly, I would have missed a new experience with interesting people.

Let's think of young children who constantly expand their minds with curiosity and many why questions. Their world is full of miracles, mysteries and wonderment. The Greek philosopher Socrates obviously agreed when he said, wonder is the beginning of wisdom. I felt childlike yesterday as I walked through a park near my home, crunching through crisp leaves and marveling at the ducks huddled together under a tree, peacefully sleeping. Autumn is a miraculous and colourful time of year.

Until next time, may you continue to expand your mind as a student of life, with many magical moments of curiosity and wonderment, and thrill to the sound of crisp leaves under your feet, no matter where you are on your journey. As a savvy unknown author wrote: Age is merely the number of years the world has been enjoying you ... and it has!

Namasté ... I salute the artistic wonderment in you!

Dorothy B.
Dorothy B.

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