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August 2017

Each Moment is

Each Moment is "Now" and each Moment is "New"

How often in our day do we look at a clock, or other time-piece, to see if we are on time, or need to scurry to meet a deadline? Some are analogs, others digitals, some set to beep or alarm, and others chime, a reminder of yesterdays. And how they can rule our lives! I have always loved clocks and had many interesting ones, including the Swiss chalet cuckoo, a personal favourite. What if we had one that showed the time as now? True, it may play havoc with our scheduling, but be a reminder of the precious present. As William Shakespeare wrote: On the great clock of time, there is but one word - now!

A few years ago, in the midst of ministerial courses, I awoke to hear the words: Happiness: The New Now. Because the voice was so clearly insistent, I wrote them down, knowing they had a purpose, although then a mystery. Subsequently, they became the title of my doctoral thesis, with the sub-title, "An Inside-Out Affair", expanding upon the metaphysical interpretation that the Kingdom of Heaven is within.

Is being, or staying in the present moment a challenge for you? It certainly has been for me, and often still is. Fortunately, I have a live-in role model, my cat Cadi, who is a wise sage and whose Gaelic name means 'simple happiness'. She eats, sleeps, fastidiously grooms herself, races from one window to another on a whim, checking out people, birds and squirrels, living each moment afresh, and always in the now.

We know the past has passed and tomorrow is always a day away. Last night I read some delightful lines from a poem in my 2017 Friendship Book of daily inspiration: Should today be the tomorrow that concerned you yesterday ... think not on the morrow, for it has yet to come, and that imposter, yesterday, is over and is done. True words, indeed (and timely, as I had some anxiety over a tooth extraction yesterday, which is now over and done with ... successfully).

Often we find the ideal book, listen to a speaker or overhear a conversation that triggers an idea we need at the time. When faced with writing the above mentioned thesis, incorporating the words in the dream, I heard a radio interview where an author was asked if he knew beforehand the story content; his response: "I look at what I write so I know what I think." So, trusting in the outcome, I commenced, concluding by saying that each moment of each day is new, and each one is now, which is keeping a steady hand on the tiller of one's life, leading to leaving a legacy of the highest magnitude. Let's be grateful for each of our lifetime's many courageous experiences, for they brought us to the starting point for the next step on our journey, which can lead to leaving an amazing legacy.

In closing, I share my recent inspirational highlights: a talk by Caroline McHugh on The Art of Being Yourself. It is delivered with humour in a delightful Scottish accent.

If you live in or near White Rock, British Columbia, playing at the Coast Capital Playhouse until August 26 is the musical Sea of Stories, with backdrops of White Rock's history, portraying a talented cast and written by Shawn MacDonald, who is creating his amazing legacy.

Until next time, may you be the very best you, singing the song you came here to sing, with many blessèd now moments ... Namasté!

Dorothy B.
Dorothy B.

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