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April 2018

The Hats We Wore

The Hats We Wore

With Easter a few weeks past, and hearing Irving Berlin's song, In your Easter Bonnet, brought to mind my continuing love of hats, and how many worn over the years were symbolic of a phase in my life. During pre/teenage years, hats for Sunday church services, weddings and funerals; later, no hats, sedate ones, jaunty ones, some quietly adhering to protocol, others making a rebellious statement, along with my bright green beret on St. Patrick's Day.

In similar vein, jacket, shirt and tie was the norm for many of my male office friends, gradually giving way to losing the tie and jacket, and when pant suits became acceptable for women, leading to casual Fridays, with jeans being acceptable for both.

While the references above deal with hats and clothing styles, I see the shifts as a metaphor for life's passages and changing circumstances - career, business associates, parenting, relatives, health, losses, moving, and friendships that changed over time. Some transitions were peaceful and others traumatizing, spinning us into a whirlwind of angst as we searched for answers, and forcing us to dig deeply for inner strength.

Yesterday a friend sent an email with an attached photograph, asking what it said to me. It was the outside of an old door with a bright beam of light shining onto a large keyhole. I saw it as saying "Enter, come into the warmth, rest awhile". Synchronistically, later awake at 4 am, I picked up my current library book by Irish writer Lorna Byrne, A Message of Hope from the Angels, and read that when we ask for support, angels around us form a beam of streaming healing light.

So come into the warmth and rest awhile, and as your kindest best friend, reminisce about your metaphorical many hats. If at times, during a particular phase of your life, you feel laughter bubbling up, go ahead, it's liberating! If you are facing some challenges, see yourself being surrounded by a healing stream of light giving you the strength you need.

Until next time, happy Springtime ... Namasté.

Dorothy B.
Dorothy B.

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