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March 2018

Happy Trees, Singing Birds and the Snowdrop that Survived

Happy Trees, Singing Birds and the Snowdrop that Survived

Spring is a time of renewal, as the trees birth new leaves, colourful blossoms unfold, birds start singing early in the morning as they anticipate the dawn, and gradually the evenings have more daylight. I am a daylight person and am overjoyed when our clocks spring forward an hour, as they did last weekend here in BC. While each season has its own magnificence, my favourite has always been the spring, seeing it as one of hope and possibility. Aptly put by nineteenth-century English nature writer, Richard Jefferies:

How happy the trees must be, to hear the song of the birds again in their branches! After the silence and leaflessness, to have the birds back once more and to feel them busy at nest-building; how glad to give them the moss and the fibres and the crutch of the boughs to build in.

snowdropHave you ever marveled, as I do, at the survival of a tiny blade of grass that pushed through a crack in the sidewalk, or a flower that reached through a wall opening to find the sunshine? An instinct to survive is the case of one snowdrop on my balcony. Yes, just one out of sixteen! To recap, as my favourite, I had masses growing annually at my former home, and decided to plant bulbs in a pot last fall. The sequel is that I recently dug down to see what was happening and discovered the reason for their demise was saturated soil ... except for the one that had a green shoot buried in the wetness. Transplanted to a smaller pot with dryer soil, protected against the wind and rain, it formed a tightly closed bud, which today is an open flower. It decided to come through the darkness of winter and survive. We too have come through into spring - thankfully, somewhat sooner here on the west coast!

This week I was drawn into the pain of a family member whose long-time spouse had died just hours before in challenging circumstances. His grief was inconsolable when we spoke. Yet, just a few days later, he drew on an inner strength to handle immediate matters. In the midst of his darkness, something shifted in his consciousness that gave him a glimpse of hope that he could cope, reminding me of the Apostle Paul's words, that we be transformed by the renewing of our minds / our consciousness. (Romans 12:2).

May you give yourself a spring tonic by being 'out and about' in the days ahead, noticing the majesty of Nature in the colours of the flowers, listening to the songs of the birds, and thinking how happy the trees must be as they form new leaves. What a wonderful broadcasting system of hope and a reminder that we do live in a wonderful world!

Until next time, I wish you a beautiful Easter, the joys of spring, and may you be as happy as the trees!

Blessèd be.

This month's cheerful crocus image was photographed by Larry, who creatively enhances and distributes Innisfree's monthly newsletter. They are of first blooms in his yard, representing another perfect example of moving from darkness into light.

Dorothy B.
Dorothy B.

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