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February 2018

Loveful Moments

Loveful Moments

"Loveful" - what came to your mind when you read that word? Did you think (as I did) that it's a made-up one and not a real word? I discovered it by reading in my 2018 Friendship Book about Andy, a Sunday school teacher, who asked his young class participants how many words they knew that included the word "love" Their answers were well-known ones such as loved, loving, beloved, and then one little boy said "loveful". Andy explained that he didn't think it was a real word, but the young lad wasn't convinced. Fair teacher that he was, he did some research and discovered that it was indeed a very old word used in the 13th century that had fallen out of popularity. So he gave his class the challenge of living their lives so that loveful was the only way to describe it. (My research led to a 1922 reference by Irish born James Joyce in his book Ulysses p438, ... through the windows of loveful households in Dublin city, as well as numerous images). Perhaps it is regaining popularity.

February - a month when romance is especially in the air with reminders of hearts, flowers, and when we might send Valentine cards, and receive acknowledgments of how much we are valued. May I suggest that you also take time to romance you, especially (but not only) if you live alone. How would you do that? What would give you joy? Please take some reflective time to answer those questions. I had a birthday last week and started with a special breakfast, then indulged in nostalgically looking at photographs while smiling at the memories ... did I ever do that, wear that, look so young ... you get my drift ... and ending it with my favourite Strauss music, candles and pink Champagne (aka Rosé Sparkling Wine)!

The world would be very different had each of us not shown up and made the significant contribution we each did. Recently I found in my files a verse with the heading: If Not For You. By the date, I've had it for almost ten years, and regret not knowing, nor being able to find its author, but it is too special not to share with you:

If not for you, there would be a place of emptiness in the heart of God.
If not for you, all the good you have done would still need doing.
If not for you, the spark of your ideas would not have ignited a fire in others.
If not for you, the key role you have played in life's drama would remain unfilled.
If not for you, at least one person would not have awakened to their dreams.
If not for you, someone who needed love would not have received it.
If not for you, the song of life would have missed a beat.
If not for you, your gifts would remain un-given.
If not for you, an animal might be homeless, and a garden left unplanted.
You have always made a difference. Who you are is important every day.
You are the face, the heart and the Soul of God.

Reflecting on the lines above, are there any that particularly resonate with you, where you know you made a significant difference? May I suggest that the penultimate one is a key reminder that who you are is important EVERY day, and that your life is a gift and a blessing to the world.

Until next time, I wish you a continuous multitude of loveful moments! ... Blessèd be.

Dorothy B.
Dorothy B.

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