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January 2018

Will I travel lightly?

Will I travel lightly?

Welcome to this first month of 2018, when we transition from all that 2017 held into a new year, with its many possibilities. Have you travelled lightly into January, releasing anything that weighed you down? The only quotation on my 'fridge reminds me that if I want to fly I have to give up the stuff that weighs me down. Reflecting on your life, what comes to mind that might weigh you down? Mine continues to be an excess of paper and numerous notebooks containing references that I think I might need, especially for my current project!

While the Christmas season is very special to me, I equally enjoy putting away the lights and decorations, looking at my home in a new light, which inevitably results in some clearing and donations going to a local thrift store ... four bags await the trip! The Universe cooperated by sending a series of webinar reminders by Denise Linn on clearing space. The two important questions to ask, she suggested, were: Do you use it; do you love it? We know that everything is energy, so it isn't necessarily the object itself, but the energy we give it - how it makes us feel - that determines whether we let it go or keep it.

We know we can't go back to the beginning of 2017 and change anything; it ended as it did with our lives as they are, at this moment in time. However, we can decide on the ending we would like to see in 2018 ... and here's the crunch ... it starts now! Is there a health / weight / relationship / clutter / fill-in-the-blank issue you want to see with a different outcome? What baby step can you take, starting now? Perhaps you need a support buddy? Asking for support can be a very courageous step, but may it be one of your first 'baby' steps.

snowdropWould you agree with me that, in addition to clearing any 'stuck' energy, gratitude for what is working is equally important, and that capturing those moments has value beyond measure? The Scottish writer, Neil Gunn, believed that all of us have great moments in our lives, which he called 'atoms of delight'. He felt it was important to celebrate such times, to gather them up like inner treasures. Each of our treasures will be different, but each will be special. I read in my 2018 Friendship Book that in some calendars January is referred to as National Thank-you-month. Especially if, weather-wise, January is a bit bleak, finding something to be thankful for each day throughout the month will not only remind us of our blessings, but that spring is on its way. A friend phoned a few days ago to say that the snowdrops were already in bloom in Beacon Hill Park, Victoria, British Columbia. Now, that delights me, along with the extra 'atoms' that the additional daylight moments bring.

So please join me in celebrating daily 'atoms of delight', and in travelling lightly during 2018, with an amazing end vision in mind. I love learning something new each day, and close by sharing an expression used by a long-time friend in Geneva, Switzerland, on her birthday a few days ago. She ended our call with 'until very soon', telling me the French expression was a bientôt.

So, a bientôt ... until very soon, when we meet again ... blessèd be!

Dorothy B.
Dorothy B.

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