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February 2017

Dedicated to Noel McGran

Dedicated to Noel McGran

The End is the Beginning

As I write, snow is gently falling outside the window, a rare occurrence for my part of the world, and January has slipped into February of 2017, a year of new beginnings. Since our last connection, which combined November and December's Moment, I have experienced numerous changes requiring major adjustments and hasty new learning curves. It is fitting that this Innisfree Moment be dedicated to Noel McGran, the special friend who created Innisfree's Celtic look, and died on January 4th after a short time span from diagnosis to transition. Through the referral of my friend, Rev. Carrie Hunter, senior minister at the Centre for Spiritual Living in Victoria ( I was led to, and now warmly introduce Larry Moss (, who has accepted the torch from Noel to provide support for Innisfree's site.

Although the transfer necessitated some technical adjustments, the overall appearance remains the same. Archived Moments and prior Listen to Dorothy messages can be accessed under the site's Inspirational drop-down at

New beginnings can be preceded by challenging and difficult endings. Yet, oftentimes they come with special gifts. My 3-legged calico cat, Cadi, was such a gift, although the decision to adopt her from the SPCA precipitated bouts of tears and anxious indecision. That was over eight years ago, and through bringing her into my home I met Grace (, who cared for her for a short time while I was away, and whose husband - Noel - had just taken early retirement, loved computers, and agreed to set up Innisfree's website, resulting in a precious gift of friendship, which started because I heard about a little bedraggled cat about to have kittens, who came into my life ... and whose photo remains on Pet Granny's alumni!

If you are venturing into new territory, please trust in yourself and know you have inner strength to draw upon. If today didn't contain the script you would have liked, tomorrow is a new day. A minister whose teaching I studied, Raymond Charles Barker, wrote: "Yesterday ended last night". Let's consider the spider, and how it creates a beautiful web, just by going slowly and diligently, doing what it knows to do, weaving a tapestry that is Nature's perfection. Can you see how the threads of your life have been woven into a beautiful tapestry? Perhaps it didn't always seem evident, just as the threads at the back of a tapestry don't resemble the finished work, but when turned over, it is a masterpiece.

In order to find answers for the next step of my journey, I looked back at my life 'tapestry', and saw how 'threads' connected each transition to the next. If you have buried dreams, please resurrect them. Each new day can develop in unexpected and wonderful ways. During my last evening in Sedona in 2016 I stopped to speak with a fellow ministry doctoral graduate for a few minutes. The sequel is that out of that brief exchange has developed a rich correspondence link sharing books, experiences, ideas, wisdom ... another rich 'thread'!

My wish for you is that this new year of 2017 be one where you create rich memories, healthy living, much laughter, and that you always have high hopes ... just like the little ant in the lyrics that Frank Sinatra sang about, that wanted to move a rubber tree plant!

Until next time, from my heart to yours ... Namasté!

Dorothy B.
Dorothy B.

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