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Meet Rev. Dorothy

Dorothy Blandford

Reverend Dorothy Blandford is an ordained minister with the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry, a transformational faith which honours everyone's spiritual journey. Prior ministerial studies include world religions, extensive grief support and thirteen years with Religious Science International, during which time she became a practitioner and staff minister of compassionate care at the White Rock Centre for Spiritual Living in British Columbia, Canada.

Rev. Dorothy came to ministry in her later years. She was a spiritual seeker in her youth growing up in Ireland and has continued a lifetime journey of mind-body-spirit connection. She holds a Master of Metaphysical Science, M.Msc, Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D, specializing in Holistic Life Coaching, and an MBA.M from the University of Sedona.

In the 1980s, Dorothy became interested in Hospice care and that has led her to a ministry of compassionate care, where she mentors others who have suffered a loss in their lives. Her booklet, Stepping Stones© takes the reader through a five-step spiritual journey of support leading to grace and inner peace.

Her extensive business and entrepreneurial background, and authoring the books – Only When I've Done It Will I Not Have To Do It and Stepping Stones© - give Dorothy strong mentoring skills.

In addition to compassionate care, Rev. Dorothy offers insights into staying 'Forever Young on the Journey from Age-ing to Sage-ing' through talks and small group presentations. She also performs personalized and time-honoured ritual ceremonies.

It was a long-time dream of Dorothy's to become a minister. Very much drawn to Hospice work makes her Compassionate Care focus a natural fit. Rev. Dorothy has a warm and caring manner, an extraordinary willingness to be of service within the community, and was a wonderful support to me personally while Staff Minister at the Centre for Spiritual Living.
- Rev. Terry, White Rock, BC