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Celebration of Life

Celebration of Life/Memorial Services

The commemorating of a life with a Memorial Service is a time-honoured ritual that, in addition to providing a picture of a person’s life, can give comfort and warmth to those grieving. It is an opportunity to create a ceremony that is personal and fitting, to tap into loving memories, share stories, aspirations, achievements, and express to family and community who the person was and how they will be missed.

When our dear mom passed away, it was a natural fit to turn to Dorothy to lead mom's celebration of life ceremony, as she had been her spiritual guide for a number of years; their strong bond of friendship, comforting phone calls and visits having made the last years of mom's life happier and more peaceful. Dorothy's supportive, gentle and compassionate guidance took all of us on a meditative journey, similar to the one she and mom often shared. Her lovely stories and laughter helped lighten the loss, so we all went away that day with lighter hearts. I fully trust that Dorothy would provide the same warm experience even if she did not know the deceased so personally, as she has a special way of getting to the 'heart' of any matter.
- Lynne, Surrey, BC