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March 2021

Springtime - A Season of Renewal, Hope and Blissful Moments

Springtime - A Season of Renewal, Hope and Blissful Moments

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I share with you the picture above that makes me smile. It perfectly illustrates a happy bulldog having a blissful moment, reminding me of the great love of my life, my English bulldog, Paddy - 'Lady Patricia Blandford, 1'. That was many years ago and although I never owned another, I feel absolute joy when meeting one on the street or seeing one on television.

For clarification, in February's newsletter I quoted a verse from my files, acknowledging I didn't know, nor could find its author. (If Not For You). My friend, Rev. Carrie Hunter, Spiritual Director of CSL, Victoria, advised it came from Rev. Dr. Bob Luckin. A subsequent search found a reprint at:

As I write, here in BC on the west coast, it is a day of blue skies and bright sunshine. We have just moved to Daylight Savings Time, giving us an hour's extra daylight. This morning, while still dark, I woke to hearing the birds singing in preparation for their day, and recalled a long-time favourite quote by Rabindranath Tagore: Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings while the dawn is still dark.

Just as the birds anticipate the light, we too can have hope and anticipate going into a time of renewal with the rollout of vaccines, after over a year of guidelines to keep ourselves and others safe, as well as to curtail the spread of Covid-19. Yet, amidst the adjustments you made, can you draw upon new creative experiences? A friend started knitting again; another cleared out closets and cupboards. After completing my executrix role for my sister, I updated my paperwork, organized photographs and cleared out some excess ... confess needed to repurchase a book I had donated when recently asked to lead a discussion for a Zoom group; then again, last year I knew nothing about Zoom, but now use it frequently for webinars, group discussions, and one-on-one visits.

Springtime is a delightful tonic for raising our spirits, with its extra daylight, flowers blooming, trees birthing new leaves, and gardeners joyfully 'digging in the earth'. The nineteenth-century nature writer, Richard Jefferies, wrote: How happy the trees must be, to hear the song of the birds again in their branches! After the silence and leaflessness, to have the birds back once more and to feel them busy at nest-building; how glad to give them the moss and the fibres and the crutch of the boughs to build in.

Let us too create blissful moments that add joy to our days. Let's reflect on what these would be for us, those simple pleasures that are most meaningful. Yesterday I changed the quilt on my bed for one made by a friend that has bright colours of blue, purple and pink. Not only did I have a good night's sleep but it was like waking up to seeing a rainbow ... definitely a blissful moment.

Please join with me in reflecting what you want to bring into your life, and what you would like to release. Let's consider this month as a personal spring tune-up even if, like me, you need to repurchase a book. And, if you come to the end of your day wishing there were more hours, think of the words of the late Dr. Raymond Charles Barker: Yesterday ended last night. Then exuberantly greet the new day with "Good morning World ... Here I am!"

Until next time, may you keep hope in your heart, have many blissful moments, and a blessèd Easter-time.


Dorothy B.
Dorothy B.

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