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March 2020

With One More Day

With One More Day

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Greetings, on this last day of February 2020, with its 29 days. I acknowledge that the idea for this March issue, "With One More Day", was due to receiving author Robert Holden's newsletter a few days ago. He and his wife had invited some friends for dinner, and during the evening he posed the question: What would you do with the gift of one extra day in your life? It's an interesting question, worth reflecting upon, with unlimited answers personal to each of us.

One reason that I'm grateful for this extra day, which would otherwise have been March 1st, is that it allowed me to keep an intention set last year, to research the how-to and launch podcasts by February. Obviously, I just squeaked in under the wire, as the beginning ones go up today. I did not do it alone, but acknowledge huge support from Larry Moss, the distributor of Innisfree's newsletters. ( The podcasts, produced sporadically, initially are short stories drawn from my book, Into the Mystic, and can be heard at:

Yes, we do have the gift of this extra day that comes around every four years. Yet, every day is a beautiful gift, but at times we can become so overly busy that we squeeze ourselves out. This was my recent realization, along with awareness that I wasn't honouring my 2020 vision of Serenity, Simplicity and Flow. What would be your gift to you, especially if your days have been a whirlwind of activity? I gave myself such a gift on a recent birthday when I declined two of the kindest social invitations in favour of a reflective evening at home ... completing my candlelight celebration with a Bailey's liqueur topped with cream!

I wish you a joyful Leap Year day, whatever your plans; thinking I might watch the hilarious movie, Leap Year. As this is actually the March newsletter, I wish you a delightful St. Patrick's Day. Enjoy the lilting music, perhaps wear some green, dance a jig, or tap your foot to the beat. May you continue to be inspired by whatever warms your heart, and know when it's time to rest awhile. We are each beautiful works-in-progress, supporting one another, as we courageously continue our journeys.

Until next time, may rich blessings surround you. Namasté!

Dorothy B.
Dorothy B.

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