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June 2019

The Message of the Goslings

The Message of the Goslings

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This month I share with you a reassurance that I experienced in recent weeks since writing April's message following the death of my sister. The illustration above was proof that Nature is a positive elixir of Hope and the continuing cycle of life.

My first visit to the park near my apartment, which my sister and I often visited, was initially a tearful experience. Later, continuing my walk, just barely 50 feet along the path, I saw these two geese and a 'huddle' in the middle; the huddle was days old tiny goslings, protected on either side by their parents. For me, the message of the goslings was the reminder that the cycle of life is always evolving; the protective older geese reminded me I was never alone and was divinely supported, especially during the most challenging of times, and just as the young goslings would grow and become stronger, so too would I. Would you share my interpretation, or would the goslings speak to you with a different message?

A caring friend in Florida recently sent some wise words, reminding me to get outside every day, for miracles are waiting everywhere. This week I happily returned to the park, enjoyed watching a family of geese and now older goslings out for a stroll, and chatted with an elderly gentleman who was making a bouquet of fallen large feathers, marveling how the geese knew when to shed them. Yet, miraculous moments also happen inside, often when most needed, like when I discovered 'Master Class' on my sister's tablet, with a vast array of speakers and lessons on many topics ... including Gordon Ramsay's creative cooking lessons.

A few years ago I shared the significance of a gift from a friend. It was a bar of soap and a microfiber cloth, nestled in an oyster shell, symbolizing that some things happen in life that are mild, so a quick wash with some soap is all that is needed. Other things take a bit longer, so we use our microfiber cloth. Then there are greater challenges - perhaps an irritation, or a fear that initially appears insurmountable; the oyster shell is a reminder that when a tiny grain of sand gets stuck inside its shell it irritates the oyster, almost like a splinter, but is the beginning of a beautiful pearl being formed.

Irritants and challenges can become part of life's cycle, affecting us in individual ways. It is at these times that the greatest gift we can give ourselves is to be a receiver when friends offer support. Oftentimes it is natural to give to others, but more difficult to receive. Yet, isn't giving and receiving also part of the cycle of life? I believe so. A few days ago I spoke with a long-time friend, also living alone, who receives a brief and friendly check-in call each morning and evening. He has always been, and continues to be a giver to his friends, church and community, but is now also the receiver of a gesture that gives great comfort.

Enjoy these beautiful days, stay curious, ever ready to observe the many miraculous moments and messages of hope. I leave you with one of my favourite quotes that was a reminder from a friend today: Fear knocked on the door; love answered and no one was there. Let's keep that love in our hearts.

Until next time ... Namasté!

Dorothy B.
Dorothy B.

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