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March 2019

I'd Like Two, please - Having the Courage to Ask!

I'd Like Two, please - Having the Courage to Ask!

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During a Skype call this week with a friend in London, England, he shared that the young five-year-old son of a colleague, taken to a bakery by his mother, was asked if he would like a biscuit. His reply, "I'd like two, please"! This young lad clearly had the courage to ask for what he wanted (somewhat to his mother's chagrin). And yes, with a smile, he did receive two biscuits. Our exchange triggered some memories for me on the value of having the courage to ask.

The illustration above, captioned "On the Edge" is a poster that hangs on my bedroom wall. Its miniature was the cover of the room-service menu at the hotel where I was staying in northern B.C. during a reporting assignment. Sensing I was then on the edge of an unknown new beginning and passionately wanting a personal copy, I located the head housekeeper to make my request, learning that the original had been commissioned for the hotel's collection in 1991 with wildlife artist, John Harrington. And yes, after a search I was gifted one of the few remaining posters, receiving something very meaningful, and much larger than the smaller one requested. Later, I attached words by Patrick Overton ("The Leaning Tree"), which I see as having Faith.

When you come to the edge of all the light you have, and take that first step into the darkness of the unknown, you must believe that one of two things will happen - there will be something solid for you to stand upon, or you will learn to fly.

Do you find that asking for something, or asking for help from another, takes courage? For some of us it is such a huge challenge that we don't even ask, never knowing whether the answer would have been a warm 'yes'. Over the years I have experienced positive results from asking but, to this day, it is often preceded by angst - hesitation - and the mind chatter of I-shouldn't-impose. But isn't it true that we each have skills and talents, as well as things that we do not do well. After moving to my current apartment I asked a friend for help to hang my pictures, knowing she was meticulous with measurements. She loved doing it, I learned from watching her, and was delighted with the result ... knowing my earlier practice of closing one eye and banging in a nail would have been a 'hit and miss' affair, with too many botched holes!

Surely, life need not be a solo act, even when we live alone. Sometimes we need to 'hear ourselves think' with a compassionate listener and at other times may need help with a daunting task. So next time you are faced with something that could be made easier, or less time-consuming with another's support or input, have faith and courage to ask for what you need, or wish for. Think of it as sharing, and then enjoy a warm cup of tea or glass of wine afterwards. The result can be a resounding win-win for you, and the gifter of your request. William Darcy, played by Michael Rady, was reminded in the warm-hearted 2018 TV movie, Christmas at Pemberley Manor: "You can get what you wish for, Mr. Darcy, but you have to ask". And he did ... and so can we!

I wish you a delightful St. Patrick's Day this month. May you enjoy the lilting music, perhaps wear some green, dance a jig, or tap your foot to the beat. May you continue to be inspired by whatever warms your heart, and also know when it's time to rest awhile. We are each beautiful works in progress, supporting one another, as we courageously continue our journeys.

Until next time, may blessings surround you. Namasté!

Dorothy B.
Dorothy B.

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