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February 2019

Moments to Cherish

Moments to Cherish

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February is a month when romance is featured prominently in stores, ads, and TV movies, each suggesting ideas for creating moments to cherish. We may send Valentine cards to family and special ones in our lives, and receive acknowledgments of how much we are valued. Yet, such moments remain personal to each of us, and times of stillness can uncover thoughtful and creative insights just waiting to be captured. This month's illustration of a girl and her dog looking at the ocean brought memories of early morning moments while sitting on a log at the beach, hands hugging warm coffee, and wearing a thick sweater to withstand the chill, oblivious to sounds around me.

This week I celebrated one of those milestone birthdays and, after considerable thought, chose to remain in the quietness of my home, enjoying electronic messages, telephone and Skype calls. My sister brought lunch with wine and gifts, and following a candlelight dinner, while sipping a hot Whiskey, watched a favourite movie, The Quiet Man, set in County Mayo, Ireland, at Ashford Castle ... which I had visited ten years previously. My day included moments of gratitude for the thoughtfulness of friends and my incredible life journey, and was a perfect segue into a new decade.

While Valentine's Day may have more emphasis due to advertising, it need not have a monopoly. One lady in a local care home, now 97, needing a wheelchair and assistance at times, takes meticulous care with her skin and appearance, choosing each day's outfit and complementary jewellery. This lady is young in her heart and an inspiration to others! Gardening was the passion of a late friend who daily cared for his patio flowers and the ones he planted outside his fence that brought joy to his neighbours. How do you cherish and romance you?

Wherever we are, in whatever situation - living with our partner, family, alone, caring for others - let's continue to create cherished moments that warm our heart ... as Rock Hudson said to Doris Day in the movie, Pillow Talk: ... it's like being around a pot-bellied stove on a frosty morning. That does create a warm image, don't you agree? While I no longer have a crackling fireplace, I do have a recording of one that gives me joy. So, please reflect on your joyful moments.

Realistically, I am further along on the age scale than most of you who are listening, reading, or both, but there's one thing for very sure, none of us will ever be as young - chronologically speaking - as we are today! Those are the closing lines in The Book of Awesome, by Neil Pasricha, gifted by a friend, which I highly recommend as a trigger for recollecting forgotten awesome experiences ... and for adding new ones you would like to create.

I wish you special days ahead with many cherished moments that bring smiles. I certainly smiled with the caption on a card from a long-time friend since teenage years, "80 Years Young", including a cartoon reminder that I didn't get to live my life backwards ... echoing favourite lyrics by Irish singer, Enya, in Pilgrim: You cannot change what's over, but only where you go. Please enjoy.

Let's remain young at heart, celebrate the amazing person each of us is, and continue to create many cherished moments.

Until next time ... Namasté!

Dorothy B.
Dorothy B.

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