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January 2019

Life's an Investment with Great Returns

Life's an Investment with Great Returns

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Two evenings ago, pausing in front of a notice-board in my office containing an assortment of inspirational and whimsical items, my eyes were drawn to a small clipping with the words above, which had been in place for many years. This discovery triggered reflective thinking on the investment I was making in my life, as well as relief for finally having a newsletter focus.

We have now stepped into January which, for many of us, represents a clean slate conjuring up many possibilities for new intentions. A primary one of mine is to put more pauses in my day instead of my historical 'dawn to dusk' breathless drama; in other words, taking time to smell the roses! So far - yes, it's early days - my commitment is being honoured. In the spirit of complete disclosure, I should confess to having two recent falls, with huge gratitude that they resulted in only some mobility discomfort, along with the clear message to be more mindful.

Organizational Coach and Life Architect, Kathy Paauw, in her January 1st newsletter asks us to identify what we are committed to in 2019, suggesting there is a huge difference between being interested in an outcome and being committed to it, and to look beyond whether we feel like doing something, to knowing what our intended outcome is. (Her newsletters are available at

Looking again at the words in the heading above, whose impact had remained oblivious until now, my intention in investing in a more mindful lifestyle is in part due to concern for long-time close friends with challenging health concerns, heightened awareness of the swiftness of each day, combined with my personal intentions for the, albeit unknown, many years ahead.

Reflecting on your life, are there changes you would like to make? Could you accept help or support, or another's listening ear to take that first step? It can be a tiny one, or just a drop, like the raindrop in our illustration. Having planned a dinner for the evening following my second fall, I happily accepted my family and friend's pitching in with serving and clearing, making it a gift of joyful camaraderie. In 2019 let's also enhance our relationship with ourselves, for who we are and all we have become on our individual journeys. Consider these wise words by the late Louise Hay: You will be with you longer than anyone else on the planet so why not make it a good relationship. And why not indeed?

As we begin this new year of 2019, I thank you for joining me, and for inspiring me with your encouragement. With this newsletter I have reverted to when they commenced in 2009 until 2013, and included an audio version, so that you may choose to read and/or listen. Until we meet again in February when my topic will be Moments to Cherish, I share with you words attached to a floral gift from friends in London: May your 2019 bring you much love, laughter, happiness, joy and peace - and good health to enjoy it all. Blessings to you. Namasté!

Dorothy B.
Dorothy B.

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